‘It has no information; Will anyone crash into the President’s motor guide ‘| K. Muraleedharan | Arya Rajendran | CPM | Congress | Kerala News | News from Kerala

The mayor of Thiruvananthapuram’s car was driven into the President’s convoy despite security warnings. Following this, K Muraleedharan MP has come on the scene mocking Mayor Arya Rajendran. Muraleedharan had earlier criticized the mayor.

‘I have been sued for criticizing this mayor before. Now I understand one thing and it is not known. The vehicle crashed into the President’s motor guide. The horn is blown. The policy is to shoot on the spot if you trespass on the motor guide of the President or the Prime Minister. Put the horn on and say ‘key ..’ Instead the answer will be ‘O ..’ Is there no one in the CPM wise enough to tell you all this? ‘Muraleedharan asks.

According to the protocol, all non-VIP vehicles must come behind the President’s convoy. On reaching Chakka, the mayor’s vehicle overtook the escort vehicle at the back of the President’s convoy. He overtook all four cars in the President’s security cordon and approached the DGP’s vehicle. The car next to the DGP’s vehicle then sped off into the middle of the road without stopping the mayor’s vehicle. The incident was also reported by central security agencies as a security breach.



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