It is best to win the NCAA Duke of Tournament

Last Sunday on Selection Sunday for the NCAA Competition (always locally):

9:36 p.m.

Betting on March is Madness starting with many gamblers wearing their weight behind Duke and freshman phenom Zon Williamson.

William Hill US says that nearly 20 percent of the money is bet on an NCAA Tournament winner in the past year after support for the Blue Devils, who were listed as a preferred choice for 2-1 after the bracket was released.

The sports operator says that 9% of bookmakers actually have entered Gonzaga or Duke, which means that the Bulldogs are popular but that gamblers who offer more expensive bets are supporting the Blue Devils, the seed. top in the East.

Virginia and Gonzaga are listed at 6-1 margin to win the title, and North Carolina is 8-1.

Bet on March Madness is changing this year when legal sports gambling extended over Nevada. New Jersey, Rhode Island and some other states put legal sports betting from the US Supreme Court control last year.


9:32 p.m.

The Southern Congress received its first major competition.

UNC Greensboro was the first team in the first four to lose the field on the selected CBS show. And David Worlock, coordinating director and media statistics, concluded Sunday evening that the Spartans were "in the park until late last night."

so, what happened? Worlock stressed that the Oregon victory against Washington in the Spartan-12 Tournament tournament won the Spartans out of the field.

UNC Greensboro (28-6) reached a Southern Tournament Tournament title title before it fell to Wofford, which was as 7 years seeds. The Spartans, who received training from former UNC player Wes Miller, were after an NCAA Tournament to reach the last season.

The other team lost were Alabama, TCU and Indiana.


9:25 p.m.

The best days of the NCAA for most fans are the first two. With 16 games on each day, it is a wall-to-wall ball.

Tips Thursday to Des Moines, Iowa, at 12:15 p.m. with the East Region seed game no. Louisville and No. 10 Minnesota. His son, Richard Pitino, brought former Cardinal Rick Pitino against the Golden Gophers team.

The early session ends with one of the best solo players in the competition. The player Marquette and the Big East, Markquin and the Great East, are tackling Ja Morant from Murray State in the Western Region game in Hartford, Connecticut.

The national defense champion Villanova, sixth seed in the South, shows the Thursday night games. The Wildcats did at 7:20 p.m. against St. Mary.

Friday games Cincinnati begins from the seventh seedling against Iowa with a 10-year-old seedling in the Southern Region. The game begins in Columbus, Ohio, at 12:15 p.m. The Duke and Zion Williamson start their top competitions with 7:10 p.m. Friday in Columbia, South Carolina, against the winner of the First Four game against North Carolina Central or North Dakota State. The Blue Devils are the best seed in the East.


8:05 p.m.

There is nothing to leave North Carolina State from NCAA Tournament field well with athletics director Debbie Yow.

The Wolfpack (22-11) was the 33th position in the new NET ratings, a more analytic system that included factors such as game results, plenty of schedules, game location, margin scoring and net efficiency at both sides of the court.

In a statement, Yow pointed out that the South Eastern Congress champion, Auburn, meets Wolfpack playing five games against Atlantic Coast Conference colleagues Duke, North Carolina and Virginia – all of whom had NCAA 1 seeds.

But the United Nations was only 3-9 in Quadrant 1 games and scheduled strength was the worst schedules by the nation.

Yow said she was “disappointed” that NCAA had not been invited to complete our work.


7:21 p.m.

The show returned to the NCAA Tournament area of ​​68 teams that were released back to a familiar format – and were simpler.

Last year's show was broadcast on SMI for the first time and revealed teams in alphabetical format, and then unveiled matchups by region – a major criticism of social media from a frustrated audience.

This time, the show was back to its traditional CBS town and on its curb into the Eastern Region bracket with the Duke as overall seeds No. It was back to an hour format after extending to two hours in recent years.

Earlier this week, the chairperson of Sean McManus CBS sports chairman said: “We're going back to basics.” T


Louisville is back in the NCAA Competition after losing last spring after taking part in a federal investigation into corruption in college basketball.

His first-time opponent is well known on links in recent years of the Cardinal.

No Louisville (20-13) No. breeding

Eastern Region and she will face the No. Minnesota sale. 10 in Des Moines, Iowa Thursday. The Golden Gophers training was carried out by Richard Pitino, the son of former Cardinals coach, Rick Pitino, who let him before the last season among the scandal.

Louisville completed 22-14 and reached the NIT's fourth quarter in a very tough year which included NCAA 2013 leave as a penalty for strike scandal. Replacing the interim coach David Padgett was former coach Xavier, Chris Mack, and was expected this season would be transitional, but instead the Cardinals measure postseason thanks to a resume including Michigan State disturbances. and North Carolina.

Mack returns to the competition each year after directing Xavier to the first seed.


Gonzaga is headed back to Salt Lake City as No. 1 looking for a better result than the last time the Bulldoganna were in the same story.

Gonzaga in front of Fairleigh Dickinson or Prairie View A&M will be in the first round of Thursday's contest. But the history of the second round in Salt Lake City is that the Bulldogs want to change.

Six years ago, seed No. 1 was Gonzaga and was sent to Salt Lake City, the first time the Seed Saunders earned No. And the Bulldogs were packed in the second round after State 8 No. The Jans managed to reach the Final Four.

This time around, the Bulldogs are trying to recover after a great loss to the St. Mary's Conference title in the West Coast. After the congestion during the regular season, the Bulldogs were held to 47 points in the low season in the 60-47 loss for the Irish.


Villanova Jay Wright's coach built the sons in the Pavilion and made a promise to hundreds of fans at their campus stage.

“This is a special year, I promise,” he said.

The Wild East Wildcats champion in the NCAA Competition has a rare seed – they failed to win the first seed for the first time since 2013. The Wildcats are looking to be the first team to re-establish as Florida national winners in 2006 and 2007. T

They have known a foal to go around in the first round. The Wildcats play sixth-seeds No. 11 St. Mary's seed in the South Thursday in Hartford, Connecticut.

The Wildcats were No seeds. 2 in 2010 when they were upset at the 10th seed in St. Providence, Rhode Island.

“I suppose there was no one around me but me,” Wright said. “But they are a very clever team.”

St Mary ended Gonzaga in the West Coast Conference Final to earn the automatic offer for the NCAAs.


Two of the 12 most recent coaches to be released in the NCAA Competition are with their new schools going home.

Texas entered Rick Barnes after a long and successful tenure which included a trip to the Final Four. Now, Tennessee is by Tennessee online No. 2 in the Southern Region.

The Longhorns are sitting out after their bubble exploded.

Travis Ford also had a long assembly at Oklahoma State which included a NCAA Tournament tour in nine seasons. It was fired and landed by Saint Louis, where the Atlantic 10-champion Billikens is dancing as the No. No. seed. 13 in the East Region in its fifth season in charge.

The TCU Cowboys lost in the Big 12 Tournament to 12-20 to finish.


7:06 p.m.

The Atlantic Coast Conference claimed the top three seeds in the competition, but the Big Ten led the nation in competition offers.

There were eight teams at the Big Ten: field 2 Michigan seeds and Michigan State, 3 Purdue seeds, No. 5 Wisconsin seed, No. 6 Maryland seed, No seeds. Minnesota and Iowa, and No. Ohio State.

In each of the last two seasons, the ICC had nine bids in charge of the country, but it fell to seven times each time to tie the South Eastern Conference, and six were at the 12 Major.

There were four teams at the American Athletic Conference and the Great East, and there were three teams at the Pac-12 after observing times as it could be a series of any offer this season.


Richard Pitino, who is known to the first round of locals, is sure to expect.

The Gophers received the 10th seed in the Eastern Region, which was compatible with seeds. Louisville in a first round game in Des Moines, Iowa.

Pitino had two stages as assistant coach at Louisville under his father, Rick Pitino, who was cast before last season after his name was violated in connection with the bribery scandal that is playing out in federal court.

Richard Pitino is a sixth season at Minnesota. This is a second trip to the NCAA Tournament.


Oklahoma received an offer to Sunday's NCAA Tournament after some uncertainty.

The ninth early seeds (19-13) No. 8 Miss Ole seed (20-12) in Southern Friday Region in Columbia, South Carolina.

Outside the program, the prospects for Oklahoma were low this season. The Sooners lost Trae Young's highly commercial guard to the NBA, and it was unclear where the points for the first out of this season might come. The Sooners reconfigured themselves as a defensive team that would enter the NCAA Competition and victory over the squad last year.

The Sooners succeeded well and they worked on top among the best people in 25. They were struggling during Big 12 play, losing five consecutive games and expecting their NCAA jeopardized. The Sooners hit back three out of five to win, including a great win over Kansas. This gave them enough chance to live with a distressed loss to West Virginia in the first round of the Big Tournament 12.

It was Oklahoma's sixth offer for the last seven years under Lon Kruger coach.


Bill Self's coach, Kansas was more concerned about matchups and destinations than seeds.

Well, he could end his destination.

The Jayhawks were the seed No. 4 in the Mid-West Region, which means a regional semifary in Kansas City. But they must first beat at Northeastern Colonial champ and then beat either a Tour Tour or Auburn Tour CSS. 12 New Mexico seed, the high-octane camp WAC, to play in games in Salt Lake City.

For those who want to make peers in the future, the seed is no. 1 North Carolina. And that could mean that a couple between the Jayhawks and their former coaches would be just down the road from their campus in Lawrence for a spot in the Elite Eight.

Kentucky earned seed No. 2 in the Midwest, and the Wildcats could be in line with a second round hard field against Wofford. Seed seeds won No.


6:55 p.m.

68 area is set, and the bubble explosion for some teams from power conferences.

The list included Indiana from the Big Ten, Alabama from the Southeastern Conference and the State of North Carolina from the Atlantic Coast Conference.

St. State (22-11) No. 33 in the NET and finally broke the championship of the Auburn CSS Tournament, but only 3-9 against Quadrant 1 teams and plenty of non-conferencing schedules ranked 353 – —— in the country.

Indiana (17-15) was 54 years of age in NET, but he won six Fourth Quarter Boys to keep himself running among all his loss.

And Alabama (18-15) was 59 in NET and only 3-10 against Quadrant opponents 1.

Other teams that were shortlisted included TCU and UNC Greensboro, who expected the first major tournament to be held at the Southern Congress.


6:40 p.m.

Gonzaga is the fourth seed No. 1.

The Zags are in charge of the Western Region after they have lost the Tournament tournament of St Mary's Tournament. That was their first loss since they fell to Tennessee and North Carolina in December.

Big Ten is second to the Zags as seed No.


6:30 p.m.

The Atlantic Coast Conference has a little history: For the first time there are three no. 1 in the NCAA Competition.

The ICC held the Duke of Competition competition as the overall main seed. Virginia and North Carolina division ran a regular season of conference and claimed No seeds.

That was the second time that a series managed through the seed of No. The other time came in 2009 when Louisville, Connecticut and Pittsburgh were at the Big East – although the Huskies were the only team that survived their bracket and reached the Final Four that year.

Virginia is the top seed in the South bracket, and UNC is on top of the Midwest.


6:25 p.m.

Belmont was on the right hand side of the bubble.

The Bruins won their first major bid in the history of the program and will be taking on the First Four Temple in the East Region. Belmont is now in its eighth competition, the last coming in 2015.

Belmont Department and Murray State Championship season Ohio Valley regularly, but they lost the Racers in the contest title competition competitions. Belmont was ranked 47th in the NET ranking and had a 2-2 record against the Quarter 1 team.


6:17 p.m.

No seed. 1 other by Virginia. The Cavaliers will now aim to repeat the past and unprecedented turmoil last year.

The Cavaliers are the second overall seed in the area of ​​68 and will lead the Southern Region bracket. They open Friday in Columbia, South Carolina, against Gardner-Webb – who won the Big South Conference title.

Virginia was the first seed No. 1 ever lost to 16 seeds last year, falling to UMBC in a moment now etched in the contest story. The second Cavaliers won the second of the regular season's title of the Atlantic Coast Conference but they fell into ACC Tournament's semifinals against No. 12 Florida State.


6:12 p.m.

Michigan State completed Michigan's two-year reign in the Big Ten Tournament. His reward was seed No. 2 in the East bracket with Duke No.

Spartans hit 6th place 10th on the Wolverines 65-60 Sunday before the field exposure began.

Michigan State and Duke met in the NCAA Competition in 2015, when the Blue Devils in the Final Quarter won fifth to NCAA Mike Krzyzewski title.


6:05 p.m.

Duke's title to the Atlantic Conference Tournament title was Zion Williamson healthy enough to seed NCAA Tournament No.

The Blue Devils in Columbia, South Carolina, will open on Friday against the First Stage winner between the State of Central Carolina and North Dakota.

Williamson was the most valuable player in the ACA Competition having run three games in Charlotte, showing Duke as the best seven weeks at No. 1 in the Top 25 this season.


5:45 p.m.

There were many regular season champions who contested their congress competitions and another claimed that the league was offered by an automatic competition.

This may influence the strength of the brackets and the bubble teams that it does in the area of ​​68.

Teams like VCU in the Atlantic 10, South Dakota State in the Summit Treaty and Sam Houston State in Southland Conference lost as best seeds in its competitions. That opened the door to St. Louis (No. 103 in NET ranking), State of North Dakota (No. 222) and Christian Abilene (No. 154) to earn offers, respectively.

In other series, concerns were that staff received tender wonders behind the NCAA's locks in these conferences – thus reducing the number of slots for bubble staff such as Indiana, North Carolina State and TCU.


5:10 p.m.

The 68 teams were set up. Now there's only a question they will play in March Madness.

Duke looks like shoo-in for seeds No. 1 when the bracket is exposed to NCAA Tournament Sunday night.

Others looking for the best spots include Virginia, North Carolina, Gonzaga, Tennessee and possibly even the winner of the Big Ten title between Michigan and Michigan State.

On Saturday night, Duke, under the command of the new man Zion Williamson, won the Atlantic Coast Conference and put himself in Vegas as the best choice to win it all when the nets come down at the Four Final on April 8.

They prefer the early 9-4 Devils.

The competition starts on Tuesday with a few play games, then it takes effect on Thursday and Friday with 32 teams playing every day at eight sites nationwide.


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