It is estimated that the explosion of business opportunities will take 5-10 years, and it will start to post an article to amend the statement of the “fake issue” of cryptocurrency | Anue Ju Heng-Taiwan Stock News

Regarding the views of Meta Universe and virtual currency, Hon Hai (2317-TW) founder Guo Taiming added in a post on Facebook that he believes that the development of Meta Universe will take 5-10 years or even longer to be implemented. It’s not practical; at the same time, he revised the statement that virtual currency is a “fake issue”, it should be “not enough to become an issue,” because virtual currency still needs to be integrated with the real world and the economy before it can be integrated into life.

Terry Gou said that in his speech at the Flash Mobility Fujia exhibition area, he mentioned the concepts and applications of meta universe and virtual currency. Because of the mention that currency can never be decentralized, and that virtual currency is a fake topic, because the on-site statement is incomplete, In order to avoid misunderstandings, three additional explanations are provided on Facebook.

Guo Taiming believes that the meta-universe concept will take 5-10 years, or even longer, to be implemented, and related applications still have a long way to go. There are indeed many R&D opportunities in the development process, but the excessive touted on the application side is due to consumption. There is still a lot of room for improvement in the user experience, so it is not practical to talk about application explosion at present.

In terms of virtual currency, Terry Gou pointed out that the market is uneven, and there is still great speculation. Virtual currency and NFT provide virtual world transaction supply and demand, but the next step needs to be integrated with the physical world and the real economy in order to truly become a part of the masses. In daily life, many people ask how they view virtual currency’s influence on the overall economic and industrial and commercial development. Personally, they think that “not enough to become an issue” and that “fake issues” are excessive, and they are also specially revised.

As for the view that currency can never be decentralized, Guo Taiming explained that mainstream monetary finance will not be decentralized, and some virtual currencies will form an asset form, but global finance cannot be replaced by a decentralized way; he also uses hashtag at the end of the article Write down, health is the greatest asset, and people cannot virtualize their own assets.



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