It is passed by Samsung and Apple!Next-generation 5G flagships will upgrade even WiFi

(Photo by reporter Huang Zhaoxiang)

In addition to entering the 5G era in 2020, WiFi 6, the latest wireless network, will gradually become popular on flagship phones, and the next generation of technology is also rumored to debut in 2021. Samsung and Apple may be the first to use new phones next year.

Samsung’s recent certification document submitted to the US FCC confirms that the next-generation flagship mobile phone, the Galaxy S21 Ultra, will not only support the S Pen stylus, but will also have a new “Wi-Fi 6E” wireless network.

This month, Barclays analysts also estimated that Apple will follow the same specifications for the new iPhone 13 (tentatively called) next year. If both of the two major brands adopt it, it is expected to become the standard equipment of the flagship model.

What are the benefits of “Wi-Fi 6E”? In the short term, consumers may not feel it. Just to enable Wi-Fi 6’s greater broadband and network speed, it must be equipped with a corresponding wireless base station. So far, the relevant equipment is still not popular, “Wi-Fi 6E” More like paving the way for future technology.

According to the “Wi-Fi 6E” standard drawn up by the “Wi-Fi Alliance” (Wi-Fi Alliance, WFA) at the beginning of this year, in addition to supporting 2.4GHz and 5GHz like Wi-Fi 6, an additional 6GHz will be added. , In order to avoid interference between signals, it is suitable for VR and AR experience with greater network demand, so that the developing 5G network and WiFi can better seamlessly cooperate.

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