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Original title: Expose Tottenham if they enter the Champions League, Conte will receive a huge bonus of 1 point = 2.5 million pounds

This weekend, the Premier League this season will usher in the final battle. In the final round, the last Champions League ticket for the Premier League next season will be born. And according to The Times, if Conte can lead Tottenham into next season’s Champions League, then he can get an amazing bonus.

In the current standings, Tottenham ranks fourth, with 68 points in 37 rounds, 2 points ahead of Arsenal behind them, occupying the absolute initiative to fight for the fourth place. In the final round, Tottenham will play Norwich away and Arsenal will play Everton at home. In contrast, Norwich have already been relegated, while Everton are still under pressure to avoid relegation.

“The Times” pointed out that if Conte can lead Tottenham to seal the Champions League qualification, then he will receive a bonus of up to 2.5 million pounds from chairman Levy. Conte was originally one of the highest-paid managers in the Premier League. The Italian coach’s annual salary reached 15 million pounds.

In fact, it is not difficult for Tottenham to secure qualification for the Champions League next season. Although only two points ahead of Arsenal, Tottenham has 15 more goals than the Gunners. In other words, as long as Tottenham gets 1 point in the final round, it will definitely be able to lock a Champions League seat. 1 point = £2.5 million? This is really worth 1 point.

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