It is said that Hawick Lau’s family is against Yang Mi’s popularity. Now they say that Yang Mi complains. Can Hawick Lau bless them both?_Liu Dan_Netizen_Because

Original title: It is said that Hawick Lau’s family is against Yang Mi’s popularity, and now they say Yang Mi complains, can Hawick Lau bless them both?

It is said that the Hawick Lau family is very popular in Yang Mi. The latest Yang Mi speech is said to be Hawick Lau hurting each other?

Today, hello friends, let’s talk about Yang Mi, because Yang Mi participated in a variety show. When he made his remarks, he was complained and suspected that there was any meaning in suggesting Hawick Lau?

I think Yang Mi and Hawick Lau have never stopped after their divorce, and there have been endless disputes. In fact, it is not necessary, either because of fans, or because of the intentional or unintentional actions of the parties involved, so that netizens have such thoughts and guesses!

Let’s talk about Hawick Lau’s side first. Since the divorce with Yang Mi, it is said that Liu Kaiwei’s family is at odds with Yang Mi. what is the reason?

Most of the reason is that Hawick Lau, together with Xiao Nuomi, is in the public eye from time to time. Many netizens are saying that Hawick Lau is marketing Xiao Nuomi, saying that Hawick Lau takes Xiao Nuomi out for a show, but it’s not necessary!

As for Hawick Lau’s father Liu Dan, Yang Mi’s former father-in-law, Liu Dan, who is an actor in Hong Kong, will be interviewed because of work needs. A while ago, I said that Hawick Lau went to work in the mainland, and Xiao Nuomi would cry at Xiao Nuomi. Some netizens said, isn’t this Yang Mi?The connotation of Yang Mi! Is it hot?

Not long ago, on Mother’s Day, Yang Mi was participating in a recording program, and Liu Dan was being interviewed. When asked if there were any arrangements for Liu Dan to meet Yang Mi, Xiao Nuomi said directly that there were no arrangements! At that time, Yang Mi and Hawick Lau were tied together!

In fact, because Xiao Nuomi was raised by his father, Hawick Lau had too many interactions with Xiao Nuomi. In interviews, natural conversations and the appearance of glutinous rice, these are normal questions!

Objectively speaking, both parties are right! Recently, Yang Mi participated in the show. We all know that Yang Mi has a high emotional intelligence and is talkative, so he must speak freely on the show.Yang Mi may have felt it too, but he was said to have vomited Hawick Lau! Saliva

In an interview, Hawick Lau once said that he and Yang Mi were developing in two different directions, and affirmed the commercial value of Yang Mi, but Hawick Lau said that he was a bit of a performance art school! More artistic!

Because of this, Yang Mi said in an interview that many people think that he is an artist, but in fact, in the eyes of others, he is nothing. Haha, no wonder he is called a big country, his words are so self-contained!

Yang Mi has a high emotional intelligence and speaks without leaking! What’s wrong with this? Why do Yang Mi and Hawick Lau feel tied to consumption again?

In fact, it has been five years since the divorce. Yang Mi and Hawick Lau have really let go of themselves, do what they said later have nothing to do with each other? What they can’t let go of is the hearts of fans and netizens?

These unexpected words are actually nothing in the eyes of the parties involved, but are just over-interpreted by netizens? Actually not necessary. As an official, we had better bless them with their last dignity. Whether it is Hawick Lau or Yang Mi, each other is just a passerby. I believe that as former family members, they don’t want to have anything to do with each other anymore. Are they okay?Return to Sohu, see more


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