It is time for the nation to “cooperate” to host “APEC” 2022.

Although the government has decided to suspend special government services for 3 days in 3 provinces: Bangkok, Nonthaburi and Samut Prakan … from today (Nov 16) until this Friday (Nov 18)…But actually, the APEC meeting 2022 begins Monday, November 14th.

At first, it was a meeting of senior officials. This was followed by a ministerial meeting on 17 November and a “leadership” meeting on 18 and 19 November.

For a list of the leaders of the countries that will attend the meeting. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has issued a statement for several days Will any of them?…even if 2-3 world famous people are missing, but I understand the reason why you need to send representatives to attend the meeting.

For example, President Vladimir Putin of Russia. That is already expected. You will not be able to come because it is in the middle of a war with Ukraine and NATO… It would be difficult to leave your country somewhere.

As for US President Joe Biden, there is news that he is involved in family trips. A close relative’s wedding must be held which coincides with the timing of this APEC meeting. So it was passed to Vice President Kamala Harris instead.

As for the President of China, Mr. Xi Jinping, that list has been confirmed for sure … making this meeting more colorful and meaningful in the eyes of the world many times more.

Other high-profile leaders were also included, including Canada’s Justin Trudeau, and special guests such as French President Emmanuel Macron and Prince Mou Hammad bin Salman, Crown Prince and Prime Minister of Saudi Arabia. and many others

I’m not ugly at all. For a list of the leaders who will come to this meeting

In my personal opinion, the fact that countries will turn to cooperation in the economy is the main thing. But the latter included the social aspect as well. This is a good thing and should be encouraged in as many areas of the world as possible.

But I understand that in the totality of distant countries Even if there is a connection with the ocean, like the Asia-Pacific group already mentioned … it may not be easy to agree on anything easily.

Also, waiting for a long time, the largest members of the group of 3 countries turned into “adversaries”, after clashing with each other, such as China, the United States or the United States, and Russia, which is common among superpowers . which is always controversial Prasat people have more power than others.

He would not expect the integration of the APEC group to be smooth at all, certainly not possible.

Sticking together is better than splitting in different directions… No matter how many battles you have, you may still be able to use this step to meet each other.

Therefore, I have always supported APEC integration since the 2 meetings in Thailand (1992-2003).

So, when the APEC meeting returns to our home meeting again …As well as the member country leadership meeting or government department
Many more levels, including the private sector in ICONSIAM as well

It will have a good effect on trade. or the future economic cooperation of the private business sector

I hope the 2022 APEC conference hosted by Thailand will end well. and although there are rumors from time to time But hopefully nothing serious will happen.

Currently, Thailand is on the rise. Especially in the economic aspect as expected by the Thai Chamber of Commerce University. And I picked it up to write to the readers yesterday.

Having the APEC 2022 meeting to help… even more will make everything even better.

Don’t waste such a good atmosphere … I beg you and leave it to me before the end of today’s column.


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