IT Ravi | TG Ravi as the protagonist; Title Poster ‘Bhagavan Dasante Ramajyam’

TG The title poster of ‘Bhagavan Dasante Ramaajyam’ starring Ravi (TG Ravi) has been released on the social media pages of stars like Dileep, Navya Nair, Roshan Mathews, Antony Varghese and Unni Mukundan. Akshay Radhakrishnan, Prashant Murali, Irshad Ali, Manikadan Pattambi, Nandana play the other characters.

Produced at Raison Kallada under the banner of Robin Reels Productions, the film is directed by Rashid Param, known for his short films. Fabin Siddharth is preparing the story and script and the film’s cinematographer is Shihab Ongallur. The plot of the story revolves around a ballet held in connection with a temple festival and some related problems. Bhagavan Das’s Rama Rajyam, which belongs to the political satire genre, will hit the theaters at the end of October.

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The shooting of Bhavana’s comeback to Malayalam for ‘Ntikakkakuru Premandarnn’ has been completed. Bhavana and Sharafuddin are playing the lead roles in the movie Ntikakkak Koru Premandarn. Filming was done in 12 locations in and around Kodungallur. The shooting was completed in 60 days in four schedules.

The film is produced by Renish Abdul Khader and Rajesh Krishna in association with London Talkies under the banner of Bonhomie Entertainments. Directed by debutant Adil Maimoonath Ashraf. Arun Rushdie handles the film’s camera.

Synopsis: TG Ravi is leading the movie Bhagavan Dasante Ramajyam

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