“IT retail stock” mess! The Foxconn crisis caused a shortage of iPhones.

This period has become high season for the retail business which can generate the most sales of the year. “IT tools” It is another best-selling product, and many brands prefer to launch new products in the last quarter. To encourage customers to switch to new products to welcome the coming new year, such as “apple” Choose to use this period to organize the big event of the year. New iPhone launch including other gadgets

And especially this year, waiting to see the Cabinet organize a big package to stimulate the economy to give as a gift to the people Hopefully to lighten the burden of the expenses to stimulate domestic consumption After the epidemic situation of COVID-19 subsides

One of the measures that many people have been waiting for is “Shop well, have a night” which can bring expenses from shopping to apply for tax deductions There is news that the Ministry of Finance is preparing to propose to the cabinet on November 29 to bring this measure back into use again. after a request from many parties

More importantly, this year it is expected that the limit will be increased to 40,000 baht from the previous year, not more than 30,000 baht. to make shopping more satisfying According to past statistics, most of the products that people tend to choose to buy are relatively high priced products in order to get the biggest discounts, such as mobile phones, computers, appliances electrical, clothing, brand name products, etc.

“mobile” It is one of the best selling products. As there is a project, Shop Dee Mee Night or Shop Help the Nation, so if more measures come out this year, it will help boost the sales of entrepreneurs who sell IT products to grow continuously.

byCom7 Public Company Limited or COM7 The country’s largest network of IT product stores and Apple dealers Management is confident that the results of the 4th quarter will continue to make new highs. And push sales for the year to grow as a target of 20%, this quarter planning to open 51 new stores.

personalSynnex (Thailand) Public Company Limited or SYNEX Another no less large distributor. It is expected that sales in the last curve will continue to grow from the third quarter, when the revenue was more than 10 billion baht and this year’s revenue will definitely exceed the target of 40 billion baht.

SPVI Public Company Limited or SPVI Another representative of Apple during the fourth quarter will benefit from the sale of new iPhones a full quarter. Including plans to open 3-4 more branches as wellCopper Wire Public Company Limited or CPW who are confident they will perform well in the last quarter supporting income this year, growing beyond the target of 40%, and another group of large investors Jay Mart Public Company Limited or JMART The mobile phone store’s business continues to grow. Benefit from new product launches and purchasing power is starting to recover.

But that’s not all good news. because there is something to worry about too Because many models are out of stock. Especially the iPhone 14 after the Chinese government ordered a lockdown in Zhengzhou, the location of the Foxconn factory, the world’s largest iPhone production base.

The factory has had to produce in a closed loop since mid-October and workers cannot go out of the area. and with strict regulations inadequate food Inadequate medical care caused the situation to begin to end Tens of thousands of workers fled.

while a few days ago hundreds of workers protested and tried to break down fences during closing, clashing with officials. Of course, if the situation worsens or intensifies in the future it will cause even more damage affecting the production of iPhones.

sideDao Guarantees note that The Foxconn protest event may reduce the production of the iPhone 14 and cause the sales of operators selling IT products such as COM7, SYNEX, CPW, IT during the fourth quarter of 2022 to decrease from the normal quarter. After the iPhone 14, there is a chance of being rare for longer than expected. From Apple’s current website informing that the delivery time for iPhone 14 pro and 14 pro max is 4 weeks or after Christmas.

Earlier this week, the Foxconn factory welcomed about 100,000 new workers to replace workers who quit before the shutdown. Bonuses were also added to maintain workers and production capacity. reflecting the opportunity that iPhone 14 production capacity could stumble again Originally it was expected to return to normal at the end of November, affecting transport and declining sales.

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