Home Business “It shouldn’t be like this”… Lotte Shopping – Recruitment of department store representatives from outside for the first time and reorganization (comprehensive)

“It shouldn’t be like this”… Lotte Shopping – Recruitment of department store representatives from outside for the first time and reorganization (comprehensive)

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Lotte Group executives… 178 promotions, including 96 new executives, double the number of last year

After about 5 years, the BU system was abolished and the HQ system for each business group… Shin Dong-bin “Securing Super Core Talent”

Kim Sang-hyeon, general representative of Lotte’s distribution business group (left) and Ahn Se-jin, general representative of Lotte’s hotel business group[롯데그룹 제공, 재판매 및 DB금지]

(Seoul = Yonhap News) Reporter Hwang Hee-kyung and Lee Shin-young = Lotte Group announced on the 25th that Lotte Shopping[023530] Kim Sang-hyeon (58), former vice chairman of Homeplus, was appointed as the CEO, and Ahn Se-jin (57), former CEO of Nolbu, was appointed as the CEO of Hotel Lotte.

Lotte created six business groups instead of the four business divisions (BU) system introduced in early 2017, such as distribution, chemical, food, and hotel service, and introduced a HQ system for each business group.

The Lotte Group announced on the same day that Lotte Holdings[004990]The board of directors of 38 affiliates, including

Lotte grouped affiliates such as food, shopping, hotel, chemical, construction, and rental into six business groups while eliminating BU, and among them, food, shopping, hotel, and chemical business groups were equipped with an HQ organization with one general representative.

In the HQ organization, as human resources and finance functions were added to the authority of the existing BU, autonomous management and responsible management along with executive power were strengthened.

Lotte Holdings will focus more on the business of the holding company, such as establishing strategy for the entire group, promoting new businesses, and nurturing talent. To strengthen communication between the holding company, HQ, and affiliates, a business support team was also established under the ESG Management Innovation Office of Lotte Holdings.

Lotte Group explained, “We have decided that the desired results have been achieved through maintaining the BU system for about five years.

Vice Chairman Kim Sang-hyun, who serves as the general representative of the distribution business and also serves as the CEO of Lotte Shopping, has served as CEO of P&G Korea, general president of Southeast Asia, and vice president of Homeplus. Since 2018, he is a professional manager who has served as the head of Southeast Asia distribution of DFI Retail Group, a Hong Kong-based retail distribution company that operates 10,000 stores including hypermarkets in Asian regions such as Hong Kong and Singapore.

It is the first time in 42 years that an outside person has taken over as the CEO since the establishment of Lotte Shopping in 1979.

Ahn Se-jin, who was appointed as the general representative of the hotel group and the representative of Hotel Lotte, is from a consulting firm Kerney. .

Lotte (CG)
Lotte (CG)

[연합뉴스TV 제공]

In this way, it seems that the sense of crisis that ‘this is not going to be’ is strongly reflected in the recruitment of outside personnel to the representatives of key affiliates of the group, including Lotte Shopping, which were traditionally held by former recruits.

Vice Chairman Kang Hee-tae and CEO Lee Bong-cheol, who were in charge of distribution and hotel BU, respectively, will step down from the front line of management as advisors.

In the chemical business group that performed well this year, Kim Gyo-hyun, head of the chemical business unit, was promoted to vice president and assumed the role of general representative of the chemical group.

The general representative of the food group is Lotte Confectionery, led by Lee Young-gu, the head of the food BU.[280360] Responsible for and serves as the representative.

Lee Dong-woo, CEO of Lotte Holdings, was also promoted to vice chairman after being evaluated for discovering new growth engines for the group and leading change and innovation.

With this, the number of vice-presidents in the Lotte Group has increased to four, including Song Yong-deok, the former vice chairman of Lotte Holdings.

In affiliates, Lotte Shopping’s new department store division head, Jung Jun-ho, from Shinsegae, was appointed as Lotte GFR’s CEO, and Lotte GFR’s managing director Lee Jae-ok, head of the Lotte Shopping department store division’s product division, was appointed as the new CEO.

In addition, Lotte Capital CEO Ko Jung-wook was promoted to vice president and moved to the financial innovation office of Lotte Holdings, and Koh Kwang-sik, director of the financial innovation office of Lotte Holdings, moved to replace Koh.

After being promoted to Vice President, Lotte Ineos Chemical CEO Kim Yong-seok was promoted to Lotte Fine Chemical.[004000] CEO, Seungwon Jeong Lotte Chemical[011170] The head of the Strategic Headquarters will be promoted to managing director and will each assume the role of CEO of Lotte Ineos Chemical.

As the CEO of Lotte Cultureworks, Choi Byung-hwan, former CEO of CGV, was hired as the vice president. Lotte Members recruited three outside personnel, including the appointment of Bong-Hwa Jeong, who used to be the head of Shinhan DS’s digital division, as the head of the DT strategy division.

Soon-hyeong Woo, Managing Director of Lotte Department Store, Mi-kyung Kwak and Eun-kyo Kang, Lotte Information & Communication[286940] Six new executives were appointed as executives, including managing director Yoo-kyung Son, managing director of Lotte C&T Corporation, Mi-hyang Shim, managing director of basic materials business at Lotte Chemical, and Kyung-ha Kang, managing director of Lotte Fine Chemicals.

In this HR appointment, 178 people were promoted, including 96 new executives, which more than doubled the size of the promotion compared to last year’s 86.

Shin Dong-bin, Chairman of Lotte Group (PG)
Shin Dong-bin, Chairman of Lotte Group (PG)

[제작 최자윤] photo collage, illustration

Regarding the direction of the personnel management, Lotte Group said, “Chairman Dongbin Shin ordered the securing of super-core talents to lead change and innovation.” “An organization with openness to embrace any kind of talent and the possibility that talented people can try to change.” emphasized,” he explained.

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