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▲Gong Li became popular long before the “Tang” drama, so there was a lot of controversy over the role of Qiuxiang and the factors of Xing Ye. (Picture / Retrieved from Baidu Encyclopedia)

When it comes to the movie “Tang Bohu Points to the Autumn Fragrance”, everyone should be quite familiar with the plot and the materials in it. The interaction between Xing Ye and Gong Li in the movie is even more interesting, and Tang Bohu played by Xing Ye is almost also played. It is quite lively, humorous, playful, and more pairings with other characters. But in fact, when Gong Li took on the role of Qiuxiang, he was quite dissatisfied with the unequal reputation of Xingye and himself, so the movie opened. Later, the performance was not so natural, but today, even if Gong Li wants to repeat it, there is no chance.

In this movie, Gong Li didn’t care about Xing Ye, so much so that she was not so good in the performance, and she seemed a little bit reluctant to let go. She was a little embarrassed when she raised her hands, she was out of touch with other actors, and she was filming “Return My Fist” At that time, a stuntman was also found. This film may be said to be Gong Li’s worst acting work.

Although Gong Ligui is an international actress and a good actress, she can produce many works, just a few works with Zhang Yimou, but to say that her acting is the best movie, Gong Li starred in the movie So many, why “Shanghai Beach Gambling Saint” can become its best acting work? Because Gong Li’s fashion became popular, and the “Tang Bohu Points Autumn Fragrance” cooperating with Xing Ye was already a little famous, it was difficult for Gong Li to let go of the role of Qiuxiang.

In the movie, Gong Li plays two roles, one is Gao Leng’s older sister Ruxian, and the other is imbecile sister Rumeng. Gong Li, who is interspersed between the two roles, plays both roles very well, especially Rumeng, who is like an angel with broken wings under Gong Li’s interpretation, which makes people cherish and sympathize with.

With an absurd plot, exaggerated but sincere interpretation, Gong Li’s performance in this movie is completely in line with Star Master’s expectations. And it is precisely because of the wonderful performance in this play that Gong Li was able to cooperate with Xing Ye for the second time in “Tang Bohu’s Autumn Fragrance”, but when filming “Tang Bohu’s Autumn Fragrance”, Gong Li was already somewhat famous, not as much as before Let go.