It was a pony who found carrots for snacks behind the stables. I strongly appeal that I want to eat it again! ! | GetNews Tool Communication

The pony found carrots as a snack behind the stables.
After finding a favorite food, this child naturally wants to eat carrots.

What the pony found in his search for…

The video was filmed at a ranch in Florida, USA.
That’s what happens behind the stables.


There was a pony figure.
Apparently he has come to look for something, and he pokes his nose into a bag containing carrots.


This pony is very excited when he discovers his favorite food, carrots!
Despite the photographer’s restraint, he is about to eat as soon as he puts the bag in his mouth.

After being told to get out…

Pony finds a carrot, which she loves, while looking around the back of the stables.


However, it was confiscated by the photographer before I could eat it.
Although he is a seemingly heartless pony, he is instructed to go out and beat her further.


However, the photographer didn’t seem to want to be mean, so he gave the ponies a carrot.
The pony looks happy because he got the snack safely! !

Click here for a video

A pony who found a carrot.
You can see the scene at that time from this video.


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