“It was an ugly sight”… This man criticized a famous English football referee

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After the Qatar 2022 World Cup group stage was over and the tournament was in full swing, a famous English football referee blew the final whistle on a corner kick opportunity that came just before the end of extra time in the second half of a Group H match. between Korea and Ghana in the second group stage. It was criticized as an ugly scene.

British media Express reported on the 4th (local time) that referee Mark Clattenberg (47) from England commented on the controversy surrounding referee Anthony Taylor’s (44) decision to stop the match in the group stage between Korea and Ghana held on the 28th. from last month..

Clattenberg has served as a referee for the English Premier League (EPL) in the past, and has also served as a referee for the European Football Championships and the World Cup.

Pointing out that Taylor had not adhered to the “unwritten rule of judgement,” he said he had had a similar experience.

During the Euro 2016 match between Croatia and the Czech Republic, there was a whistle blow before Croatia’s corner kick opportunity. He explained, however, that it was different to this time because it ended the first half.

Clattenberg pointed out, “The referees are taught not to end the game in an attacking situation,” and “the corner kick was an extension of that, and Korea were able to handle the set piece adequately during extra time.”

Moreover, in a situation where Korea was losing by one point, the situation could have changed a lot if Korea’s last corner kick had resulted in a goal.

Ghana took three points by winning the match against Korea, but Korea were pushed to the brink.

In conclusion, as Korea beat Portugal in the last game and Uruguay won against Ghana, Korea moved up to second place in Group H, but the referee’s whistle at the end of the game against Ghana was definitely unfortunate part.

Earlier, referee Taylor had given the Korean team a chance to kick a corner in extra time in the second half of the game between Korea and Ghana, but the game ended.

In response, national team captain Son Heung-min and other players protested to the referee, but the whistle could not be returned to the blown state. Even referee Taylor drew a ‘red card’ to manager Paulo Bento, who ran out into the stadium and protested strongly against him.

Because of this the coach Bento had to watch the game from the stands without being able to keep the bench in the third game.

Judge Taylor’s dispute over the decision became controversial in the third group match between Belgium and Croatia when the final whistle blew with 10 seconds remaining in extra time. With the score at 0-0, Belgium failed to progress to the round of 16.

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