It was Dhoni who made Ravindra Jadeja number one Ravindra Jadeja | CSK

NEW DELHI: The Chennai Super Kings have retained four players after retiring from the IPL. Ravindra Jadeja, M.Sc. Dhoni, Rituraj Gaikwad, Moin Ali. Everyone was expecting Dhoni to be the first to retain Chennai. But all-rounder Ravindra Jadeja topped the list. MS. Dhoni is second. Jadeja was retained in the Chennai team at a higher price than Dhoni.

Chennai will spend Rs 16 crore on Jadeja. Chennai captain Dhoni will get Rs 12 crore. But now it is coming out that it was Dhoni who decided to keep Jadeja at number one. Chennai Super Kings star Robin Uthappa has come out with a revelation in this regard. Robin Uthappa said that Dhoni is well aware of Jadeja’s value and that Jadeja may lead Chennai in the future. I’m sure it’s MS. Dhoni may have done it himself. Dhoni knows the price of Jadeja in the team.

MS. I have learned that if Dhoni retires from cricket, Jadeja will lead the Chennai Super Kings. Uthappa told a sports media that he was getting what Jadeja deserved. Former India captain Parthiv Patel has said that Jadeja will be the next Chennai captain after Dhoni. Jadeja excels as a cricketer. He proved his mettle in both Tests and ODIs. I want to see Jadeja take on that responsibility. “I think Jadeja will be the captain when Dhoni retires,” Patel said.

English Summary: Choosing Ravindra Jadeja as the first retention would have been MS Dhoni’s decision: Robin Uthappa



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