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2 wins and 2 draws in 4 league games since opening this season, the only unbeaten team in J1 at the end of Round 4. Finally, Albirex Niigata, who had been attracting attention for their excellent starting line-up in their first year of promotion to J1, their first loss.

In the 5th round of J1, Urawa Red Diamonds played away. In the 10th minute of the first half, Niigata took the lead through midfielder Shusuke Ota’s goal, but at 35 and 45 + 2 minutes of the first half, both scored from close quarters in front of their own goal, resulting in a draw. come-from-behind defeat.

In the second half, while chasing a goal, “We had to go for the score, so we played forward,” said Niigata’s manager, Rikizo Matsuhashi, but we failed to create an opportunity to call. it is a decisive opportunity. In the cold spring rain that continued to fall, Niigata was literally falling behind in their excellent progress.

“These 90 minutes made me realize that J1 is not sweet.”

Niigata midfielder Ryotaro Ito said that with regret after losing the match against Furusu.

Ito, who has already scored two goals this season, uses his brilliant technique and diverse ideas to lead a strong team. It is no exaggeration to say that many of Niigata’s chances were born through this uniform number 13.

However, on this day, Urawa’s double volunteers took good care of them, and they were not given any freedom in terms of time and space.

From time to time, he kept the ball cleverly when surrounded by opponents, and there were scenes where the stands (many of which were supposed to be Urawa fans) were noisy, but he never got to the point of doing a decisive job. “I needed to be creative with my movements, not just when I got the ball. I tried too hard in the middle,” he said.

Ryotaro Ito leads the Albirex Niigata attack. Urawa Reds suffered serious marks on this day
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