It was not said that women above 50 can climb Sabarimala: G. Sudhakaran

Alappuzha ∙ Former minister G. Sudhakaran has said that it is not enough for women after 50 years to climb Sabarimala. A rule prohibits the entry of young women, it is only suggested. Sabarimala has the concept of eternal celibacy. That is why young women are not accepted. It is something that everyone respects and accepts. Sudhakaran said that there is no need to change or reverse it.

While inaugurating the Jyotisha Tantrikavedi state birthday celebration last day, he remarked that women above 50 should climb Sabarimala. There are known and unknown things in the world. Astrology is relevant as long as the unknown exists. He also said that astrology should be accepted as science and move on.

English Summary: G Sudhakaran on Sabarimala women’s entry

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