It was revealed that Shenhua’s new shareholders transferred 500 million money to the club’s account and the official transfer started today_Work_Problem_Shanghai Shenhua Team

Original title: Shenhua’s new shareholder has been revealed to have transferred 500 million money to the club’s account and the official transfer will start today

After the successful dismissal, the most important issue related to the Shanghai Shenhua team is the improvement progress of the team’s stock and how to solve the previous salary arrears problem. In this regard, Ji Yuyang, a senior media person, revealed the situation :

Although there are still some details about the share reform that need to be confirmed and linked, after the new year, the transfer of Shenhua’s old and new shareholders has begun to accelerate. According to the plan, Gu Jiqing, who is about to become the new chairman of Shenhua Club after Jiushi became a shareholder, will meet formally with the team before starting training at the center in Cambridge this afternoon.

The introduction of the new steering wheel has already been presented on Weibo a month ago, so I don’t want to repeat it here.

As early as last week, Gu Jiqing went to Haikou in a low-key manner, visited the team, and watched the match between Shenhua and Henan in the Super League. Today’s meeting is more formal.

Outside of stability considerations, along with recognizing the team’s performance in a difficult period in the 2022 season, Jiushi has basically decided to continue to retain head coach Wu Jingui and continue to serve as Shenhua’s head coach in 2023.

As for the biggest remaining problem that needs to be solved in Shenhua’s share reform, that is, the problem of salary arrears, the joint efforts of the old and new shareholders are still needed, and both sides need have a sense of responsibility to let the team tide over the difficulties, so that it can be solved well! Jiushi, as a new shareholder, is reported to have transferred 500 million money to the club’s account, but the specific increase has not yet been officially confirmed.

In terms of players, renewing the contract of some players must be the first important task that the new management will face next. There are rumors that Qian Jiege has entered the signing list of the Zhejiang team. According to the current understanding, he is indeed the most likely to leave the team among Shenhua’s main players this season.

In addition, the legal case between Shenhua and former coach Flores should not be taken lightly. According to FIFA regulations, if the salary arrears between Shenhua and him in this winter window are not resolved, it may lead to further additional penalties .

After the Kangqiao training this afternoon, the Shanghai Shenhua team will go to the Suzhou division to start preparing for the upcoming FA Cup match.Return to Sohu to see more


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