“It was self-defense” The end of 6 most attacked and killed high school students in their 30s

A prison sentence has been handed down to teenagers who killed a drunken man in his 30s in a busy street in Uijeongbu City, Gyeonggi Province.

On the 20th, the 11th section of the Uijeongbu District Court Criminal Agreement (presiding judge Yoo Seok-cheol) sentenced the main criminal A, who was arrested and charged with assault and death, to 4 years and 6 months in prison.

Group B, a young offender who had also been charged with the same charges, was sentenced to a long term of 2 years and 6 months in prison and a short term of 2 years.

In addition, C and D, who were present at the scene, were found guilty of breaking the law on punishment as violence (joint injury), and sentenced to one year in prison, 2 years of trial and a fine of 5 million won, respectively.

The judge said, “The defendants jointly attacked the victim, causing serious and irreversible consequences, and committed a serious crime in itself,” he explained why.

He continued, “However, when watching the CCTV data, he was drunk, but the victim hit him hard first, and the fact that this incident was triggered is considered favorable.”

Regarding Group A, the main offender in this case, the judge said, “He hit the victim the most and ultimately caused him to die.” We took into account the fact that he was a boy under the Youth Act. “

Group B argued in favor of ‘lawful defence’ during the trial, but the court did not accept Group B’s argument, saying, “Fighting is not an act of defence, so self-defence is not recognised.”

In addition, Group C was not involved in the crime in this case, but was also charged with other crimes, such as special theft and driving without a license, and was sentenced to prison.

They were accused of attacking and killing Mr F, the head of the household in his 30s, in a central area in Millak-dong, Uijeongbu City at 10:40pm on August 4 last year.

In the process, Mr. F was seriously injured and taken to hospital, but died the next day.

This case became controversial when a person who identified himself as senior Mr F posted an article entitled “A group of six high school students killed a father with a young daughter and son by assault” on the National Petition bulletin board in the Blue House.

At the time, the writer said, “An autopsy was carried out, and it was said that there were bruises all over the neck, forehead, and face, and the blood was coagulating due to cerebral haemorrhage, and it was decided that the death was caused by attack.” do it,” he claimed.

Afterwards, the bereaved families called for severe punishment for the criminals, saying, “The crime of murder should be applied, not the crime of assault.”