It was the middleweight boxing champion’s wife who prevented the baby from being taken away.

A boxer’s wife who stopped a one-year-old boy from being taken from a stroller in Adachi-ku, Tokyo, wrote her thoughts on Twitter after receiving the report.

It was posted by Mayu, the wife of Toyo Pacific middleweight champion Shito Takesako (31).

  • If you are facing capture… (Image is an image)

  • If you are facing capture... (Image is an image)

Using self-defense, he pulled the man away and held him down with his hands under his armpits.

According to reports, around 11:30 am on September 21, 2022, a mother in her 30s was pushing a stroller on the side of the pavement in Adachi Ward when a man in his 40s suddenly grabbed a boy from the stroller, I picked him up and try to take it out. However, the stroller belt was caught and the mother could not lift it, and the mother covered the boy and resisted.

According to an investigation by the Metropolitan Police Department’s Takenotsuka Station, the man said, “I wanted to have a child of my own.”

On the 21st, Mayu-san, who said she was preventing him from being abducted, quoted a Fuji TV article on Twitter that two men who were nearby were holding him down and another woman called 911. In fact, she pulled Mayu-san the man away. He explained that he had pressed him down on the ground and asked the people around him to call 110 and help him.

On the 22nd, Fuji TV’s information program “Mezamashi 8” presents the story of a woman believed to be Mayu and footage from a security camera obtained.

According to photos and other sources, the suspect’s mother was pushing a stroller dozens of meters behind him, and while waiting for a traffic light at an intersection, trouble broke out between the man and his mother. A woman who appears to be Mayu also pushed a stroller at an intersection and crossed the pedestrian crossing, noticed trouble on the road, and turned back while pushing the stroller.

At first, he thought he was fighting with his wife, but his mother repeatedly called, “Help me!” Using her knowledge of self defense, she pulled the man away and held him down from behind with both hands under his armpits. It is said that a man passing by on a bicycle and a male customer who was in a nearby hair salon also rushed to arrest the man.

“If the man had a knife, the ending would have been different.”

As for preventing abduction, Mayu-san explained the situation in more detail on Twitter.

After hearing her mother’s call for help, she parked her stroller in a safe place in front of the beauty salon, ran with all her might towards the man, pulled him away, and fell with him. As it was, the man held down on his stomach, but it is said that he asked the people around him for reinforcements because he could not do so with his own weight alone.

Mayu remembered that she was an ordinary woman and was not strong because she was the wife of a martial artist, and if the man had a knife, the end would have been different. He said, “There’s nothing wrong with people who were scared and couldn’t move,” but there were a lot of people taking pictures without calling 110. He said he passed it on to people.

“If you come across an incident, I want you to try to protect and rescue rather than curiosity. Even if you can’t do something about it yourself, call the police or look for something to do. Of course, evidence is important, but it doesn’t change your life, I can’t

He also said that mothers with young children should be careful.

“Be sure to fasten the stroller’s shoulder belt. Don’t take it off and just put your feet forward because you don’t like it. Apart from falling, as mothers know, it take time to remove the shoulder belt.”

“If you are about to be kidnapped, the criminal will lower his face to remove the shoulder belt, so use a hard object nearby and shoot through the chin from the bottom up. The chin is a vital point human being, so it will take a while. I can’t move”

Husband: “Seek help from those around you and move to a direction where a large number of people can deal with it.”

Mayu also introduced a website for self-defense techniques, saying, “If my husband hadn’t told me, I wouldn’t think of self-defense techniques, so take this opportunity to make sure you take in self-defense techniques . your heart.” rice field. However, he said that using self-defense techniques can be dangerous, and he said, “Even if it is right to act, it is not right to act. First of all, it’s important for everyone to protect themselves properly, and I think they can do something about it.” he added.

On September 22, her husband, Shito, also quoted Mayu’s post on Twitter, saying, “As a father of a child, of course I think it’s very good that I was able to help those who were victims. I proud of my actions,” he said, revealing his mixed feelings.

“Honestly, being rescued safely is just an afterthought. I didn’t think I’d use what I told you as a self-defense technique, but to help others. Don’t imitate anyone.”

“I received a phone call immediately after this incident, but I listened to the story with a strong concern that something had happened to my daughter or my wife because I was speaking in a very trembling voice, I was told that I had not and that cannot be changed my life

Assuming that the suspect may have a weapon or martial arts experience, he said, “From now on, I would like to ask for the cooperation of those around me and call for help, and move in a direction where there is a large number of people. People can deal with it. I will,” he also expressed his thoughts. Then, “My wife was very scared, so I’m writing this just because I want everyone to know and be careful, so there is a risk, but my wife’s feelings are strong and it seems that Twitter is right . I’m happy to do that. to hear that,” he concludes.

(Hiroyuki Noguchi, J-CAST News Editorial Department)

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