Home Entertainment It was too late to even know the name was considered, and was shocked to hear the news of the award: Nithya Mammon

It was too late to even know the name was considered, and was shocked to hear the news of the award: Nithya Mammon

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Nithya Maman is a singer who has become very popular among the audience through her many hit songs in a short span of time. With the first song ‘Nee Himamazhayai Varu’, the Malayalees started noticing that different female voice. Later, Nithya’s beautiful voice touched the ears of the Malayalees like a light breeze many times. Nithya Mamman’s ‘Vathukal Vellaripravi’ from the movie ‘Sufi and Sujatha’ which was released last year has captured the hearts of music lovers. The singer won the state award for best singer of the year for the same song. Nithya Mammon is happy to have achieved such a great recognition at the very beginning of her career. With Nithya Mammon Manorama Online with the joys of award winning and new songs.

When the news of the award was known

I had no hope of a state award. In fact it was too late to even realize that I was being considered for this. I was really surprised when the award was announced. Feeling a lot happier now. Thanks and love to all.

വാതുക്കല് ​​വെള്ളരിപ്രാവ് …

It’s my favorite song too. The song came out as a result of a great team work. The song was composed by M Jayachandran Sir, lyrics by BK Harinarayanan Chettan, Shafi Kollam, co – sung by Arjun Krishna, Zia ul Haq and now departed director Shanavas Naranipuzha.

The song is still a hit

The acceptance of the song is something that makes me very happy. There are still a lot of cover versions and dance versions of this song. Even a year after its release, people are happy to remember me for this song. Vathukkal Vellaripravu is a very popular song of many people. The joy it brings is indescribable. The visuals also played a big role in making the song a hit

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Everything sung is hits

It happens unexpectedly. More than that, the biggest thing is the confidence that the great musical talents who gave me the songs gave me. Now the song ‘Alare’ sung after Vathukal Vellaripravu is also trending. Feels a lot happier than being a part of that song.

Other songs

The song from the movie ‘Star’ has been released recently. The song is composed by BK Harinarayan and composed by William Francis. The song was noticed in a short time. While I feel a lot happier getting better responses.


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