It went well thanks to Baek Jong-won… Tears of a Young Merchant

A food truck, the symbol of Snow Village, a youth center in Incheon, is empty. / Reporter Kang Joon-wan

The ‘Snow Flower Village’ in Shinpo-dong, Jung-gu, which was a symbol of Incheon Youth Mall, was eventually closed.

Jung-gu, Incheon announced on the 25th that it would suspend the Youth Mall Snow Village project created at Sinpo International Market and demolish related facilities this month. It has been 4 years and 6 months since it opened in June 2018.

Snow Flower Village was a young merchant’s alley restaurant that was started to provide entrepreneurship opportunities for young people in Incheon and to encourage young consumers to enter traditional markets. In August 2018, when it was introduced on Baek Jong-won’s Alley Restaurant TV program, an average of 2,000 customers visited per day and the area around the food truck became a success every day. Eight food trucks and 13 shops run by young traders invited young customers to bring life to Sinpo Market.

The decline of Snow Village is also affected by Corona 19, which started in March 2020, but traders around it say that it started to decline before then. They pointed out that the identity conflict between the market, where the middle-aged and elderly are the main customers, and youth centers, the limitations of one-time menus, and the inconvenient parking problem were reasons for the lack of attention by young people. users.

Incheon = Correspondent Kang Jun-wan [email protected]

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