It will be decided whether to wear masks indoors in January next year which the city of Daejeon will ask for on the 15th.

  • Compulsory wearing of masks indoors
    As the city of Daejeon announced that it would lift the obligation to wear a mask indoors, one of the Corona 19 quarantine measures, from next month, the debate about the obligation to wear a mask indoors came to the surface again.

    Daejeon City submitted an official document to the Central Headquarters of Disaster Countermeasures and Safety for Corona 19 on the 30th of last month, saying, “If the government does not lift the mandatory indoor mask wearing measure by the 15th, will publish and implement their own administrative procedure in January next year.”

    This is the first time that a local government has officially revealed a different position to the government regarding the wearing of a compulsory mask.

    However, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Bangdaebon) reaffirmed its current position on the 2nd through explanatory data that “the obligation to wear a mask indoors will be decided after the peak of the winter season after . discussions with experts.”

    In addition, he said, “Lifting the obligation to wear masks indoors will be implemented through the decision of the headquarters of the chief scriptwriter,” and “Since the implementation of a single quarantine network is important, we intend to consult closely with the city . Daejeon to make sure it fits the main screenwriter’s plan of action.” specified.

    Article 15 of the ‘Framework Act on Disaster Management and Security’ states that the head of the Central Disaster and Security Countermeasures Headquarters can direct the Central Headquarters for Accident Handling and the local Countermeasures Headquarters, and the head of the Central Water Headquarters can instruct the mayor. /provincial governor and head of Si/Gun/Gu.

    Daejeon City understands that the main script is to plan to hold a situation check or expert meeting around the 15th, and it shows a situation to actively proceed with consultations.

    The city predicted, “The administrative order is the authority of the head of the local government, and it is an expression of opinion once.”

    At the same time, he drew a line about the possibility of conflict with the quarantine authorities, saying, “Discussions on removing the mask have been ongoing.”

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