It would be great if it was actually released!Samsung’s new smartphone is hot

On the 30th, South Korea’s Herald Economy reported, “Samsung Electronics leaked the design and performance of ‘Galaxy Z Flip 5’, and expectations are rising as an ‘unprecedented foldable phone’.” The picture is Galaxy Z Flip4.

On March 30, 2023, Herald Economy of South Korea said, “The design and performance of Samsung Electronics’ foldable phone ‘Galaxy Z Flip5,’ scheduled for release this summer, has been leaked, and “It will be released. released as is. If we do that, we will create an unprecedented foldable phone.”

According to the article, the benchmark score of the device believed to be the “Galaxy Z Flip5” was recently confirmed on the performance test site “Geekbench.” The single-core score is 2030 and the multi-core score is 5213, which is said to be higher than the “Galaxy S23” series.

“Galaxy Z Flip5” has “Snapdragon 8 Gen2 For Galaxy” and “has the same industry-leading performance as the Galaxy S23 series released this year,” the article introduces. The screen is about twice as big as its predecessor, and it uses a water drop hinge to eliminate screen wrinkles and make the body thinner.

Samsung Electronics is expected to release the new “Galaxy Z Flip5” and “Galaxy Z Fold5” in July, earlier than the usual August, in order to shake up the pursuit of later foldable phone makers like China.

In response to this article, Korean netizens said, “Oh, this is very cool,” “Good design,” “I saw Galaxy for the first time and I wanted to buy it.” It seems the time has finally come to tell. goodbye to the iPhone.”

On the other hand, there are also voices like “It looks like a wallet and it’s not good”, “I feel the design is a bit like an iPhone”, “It’s a folding iPhone”, and “Yeah, I’m going to buy an iPhone”. (Translate/Edit/Yes)


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