Italian scientist unveils world’s first image of COVID-19 mutant ‘Omicron’

italian scientist Released the world’s first photo of the covid mutant “Omicron”, identifying the discovery. It does not directly point out that it is more dangerous.

Today (28 Nov. 21) a group of scientists from Bambino Gizhu Children’s Hospital in Rome, Italy. Released the world’s first photograph of the coronavirus “Omicron” mutant on Saturday (Nov 27). Omicron mutants have more mutations in protein spines. Delta mutant virus

However, scientists say such discovery It does not directly point out that Omicron mutants are more dangerous.

While the World Health Organization or WHO has designated Omicron as a worrying species. It was because the number of mutations was so high that it was alarming. and from the preliminary evidence There is a risk that infection rates from this species are higher. more than other species


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