Home Sports Italy beat Wales 1-0 to win Group A and advance to the last 16 of the Euros.

Italy beat Wales 1-0 to win Group A and advance to the last 16 of the Euros.

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Italy, June 21 – Italy defeated Wales 1-0 at home to win Group A and advance to the round of 16 at Euro 2020.

Euro 2020 football last night, two pairs of two stadiums, with the first match at the Stadio Olimpico, Italy, home to Wales, with the local Rotation players almost full, while Wales still have a core. Leading Gareth Bale and Daniel James on the field

However, even the general “Azzurri” uses the reserves most. but still dominates the game Until the 39th minute, Marco Verratti opened a free-kick on the right side of the field, the ball went into the direction of Matteo Pescina, nudged the ball to change the direction a bit, through Danny Ward’s hand, giving Italy a 1-0 lead from. That second half, although Wales tried to get the goal back, but it didn’t work. The game ended. Italy won 1-0.

The other pair was held at the Olympic Stadium in Baku, Azerbaijan. Switzerland who still have a chance to win the round with Turkey, opened for only 6 minutes, Switzerland Got a goal to lead from Mario Gafranovic

Later in the 26th minute, Switzerland escaped 2-0 from Xherdan Shaqiri, spinning with the right. The ball flew past the Turkish goalkeeper’s hand beautifully.

In the second half, in the 62nd minute, Turkey hit the egg, chasing it to 2-1 from the beautiful shot of Irfan Kahwezi, spinning with the left. Curved ball through Yann Sommer’s hand.

Finally, in the 70th minute, Switzerland Plus the score increased to 3-1 from the stroke of Steven Zuber dropped up to cross into the penalty area. The ball curves to the far post into the foot, Xherdan Shaqiri inserted in front of the goalkeeper, finishing the game, Switzerland won 3-1, grabbed 3 points.

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Summary of the group A points table, Italy has 9 points, qualifying for the last 16, the team is ranked 1, Wales has 4 points, is ranked second, Switzerland has 4 points as well, but the goal is second to Wales, having to wait to be one of the 4 teams ranked 3 Which has the best score to qualify for the next round, while Turkey loses 3 matches in a row and is eliminated in the first round. – Thai news agency

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