Itchy Pak wants to talk: Invade the special! “PULL-UP MARK TUAN FAN MEETING IN THAILAND”

Here we go “Villager 1/4” ready to report This week, I want to bring everyone to come to Mouse Moi with the big fan meeting in 3 years in Thailand after Covid. and is a solo fan meeting of this man who has been away for almost 3 years now Couldn’t be anyone. Must be a very handsome and charming Meghan Boy. MARK TUAN (Mark Tuan) or Mark GOT7 At this event, 4NOLOGUE and DNA have come to complete the happiness in “PULL-UP MARK TUAN FAN MEETING IN THAILAND” this work “Mian Rudee” got into a live fan meeting this time It can be said to be close to the edge of the stage and meet Mark Tuan’s eyes.

And before telling the atmosphere in this special meeting I would like to recount the story that happened before the event date. Let’s listen roughly. This event originally started with only 2 days, that is, 28-29 May 65, but with the hot mercury broken. Of the young Mark Duan, after opening the ticket, it took only a short time and the tickets were sold out immediately. made the fans Looking for a lost card This is a fully open seat size. There is no distance, 8,000 per round, still not only with this hotness You can also SPECIAL MC & GUEST someone special like “Bambam-Kuntpimuk Bhuwakul” or Bam Bam GOT7 Tell me that the little birds “Ahgase” (Name of the fan club) had to find the card, almost flipping the land Until finally the organizer Therefore, the show has been added on Friday, May 27, 65, and also announced with additional privileges. It’s full for the real Ahgase.

Let’s get started with the special fan meeting this time. It can be said that the first step on foot at IMPACT Muang Thong Thani, we will meet a handsome image of Mark Duan, stretching into a very large stretch. But before entering the event, there are still strict measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19. When entering, you will find a special item booth. OFFICIAL GOODS PULL-UP MARK TUAN FAN MEETING IN THAILAND For this fan meeting, no, and there is also a booth to take photos with Mark Duan before going to meet him in person. real sound as well After walking around shopping and buying things, we smell good. and ready to charge The first moment into the hall The first sight had to make some of the Akases immediately burst into tears. That is, almost every seat.Filled with the green light from Agabong, who waved, cheering on the young Mark. which is the image that we all have been waiting for And we are fully aware of what happened before.

As for the atmosphere in the event, full of fun, Mark Tuan launched his first show with the latest song Save me I must say that this is Mark’s first live singing. Duan has it all. After being referred to many Single and self-debuting as a solo artist In addition, they carry their own solo songs live, both One in a Million, omw, My Life, Last Breath along with 7 songs of GOT Hard Carry, Go Higher , Let Me Chinese version that Mark can sing in a very touching way It brought tears to my eyes. and also listened to the latest single “NANANA” that sang along with BamBam Songs from the boys’ latest album GOT7 as well. I miss you so much, My name, Broken where Mark Tuan said that he had never released anywhere, singing to Thai fans for the first time and the first place as well

On the other hand, a special guest like BamBam came on stage, even more screaming from the Ahgase, both as an interpreter and to make fun for the fans. He also carried his own songs to separate the time for Mark Tuan to prepare, both songs. Pandora ,Wheels up ,Ride or die , riBBon ft.mark In addition, in this fan meeting event, we also got it.Update Mark Tuan’s identity for fans to get to know each other better. including attitude Are the likes that are still the same now? Let’s just say that the heat at the fan meeting Still making hashtags for all 3 days of event, immediately becoming the number 1 Twitter trend in Thailand

For this fan meeting, Mark Tuan did a great job. Full for Thai fans, waiting for more than 3 years, also allowing us to get to know the deep feelings of Mark Tuan himself, who is still worried as he became “Solo artist” But I can tell you that this fan meeting event would becausing Mark Tuan to unlock and recognize that no matter what position he is in Fans still support and support in all his roles forever We have to thank him more for wanting to continue this fight. and also willing to travel more than half the world so that all of us would say to him, “Every Ahgase is proud of Mark. How much is Duan?”

picture : Mark Tuan |, 4NOLOGUE

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by “Mian Rudee”

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