It’s a big deal! Aum Patcharapa meets lawyer Tam after being hit by a famous celebrity company like this?

A very famous Thai female star can be none other than “Aum-Patcharapa Chaichua”, as we can see that Aum’s daughter has been active in the entertainment industry for a long time. and will see that Mae Aum has no harm at all, but recently Mae Aum met a famous celebrity Use the image on all discontinued products. Mae Aum and P’A had to arrange to consult with the lawyer Tam.

by side “Attorney Tam-Sitra Bia Rang Kerd” posted on Facebook Sitra Bia Rang Kerd, general secretary of the People’s Advocacy Team Foundation. It is a picture in the frame with Aum Patchrapa-A Supachai. with a message stating “Today, Ms. Aum Patchrapa to consult me ​​and the Sittra Law Firm team. He told me that there was a company of a famous celebrity. Use the Khun Aum image on all product boxes that the contract has expired. Cause you to take damage It’s a big deal I’m doing this job myself.”

Let me tell you that this work, netizens are amazed. Because once in a while Mam Aum will sue Having to pin and wait to follow the progress, what’s next?

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