'It's a human being; [Video]

'It's a human being; [Video]

If you think Abby Huntsman is only concerned with politics, think again.

Huntsman joined the View in 2018 to complete the panel as the second conservative voice next to Meghan McCain's joint host and friend.

“I can't think of a time when this was controversial,” says Huntsman with Yahoo Lifestyle. “They always say that they don't speak religion, don't speak politics' but we do it all in front of the American people. ”

As the newest of the long-term show, which celebrated its 5,000th program, Huntsman was unable to make progress, but was unable to do so to show the audience and its value.

“I want to be faithful to me,” she says. “If people don't like that then it's fine. Someone will probably agree with me on something. As long as I will be true about who I am, then I go home happy every day. ”

The co-host and her husband, Jeffrey Livingston, welcomed a couple of Ruby and William in June 2019. There is also a daughter, Isabel at Huntsman and Livingston, leaving Huntsman not agreeing with three children under 2 years d & # Age; Easy to constantly balance with her post on The View.

“Being a working mother, my heart is always in a million places,” she shares. “I will be looking back over the past year as one of my most difficult and rewarding lives.” T

Huntsman spoke in the defense of his new mother, Meghan Markle, after the critics rejected the duchess to complain about the difficulties of maternity.

“He met me home. She raised the most important question that moms never get: tú are you okay? '' She says.

She says, “When the door closes at night, she's a human being, she's a real person, she has feelings … worries about being a mother, the worries of worrying about your child all day and feeling responsible for something other than yourself – that's absolutely true. That is true for every single mother there, for every single father out there. ”

Huntsman began her maternity leave from The View in May and returned at the start of the new season in September.

The Family and Medical Leave Act gives new parents the opportunity to take up to 12 weeks without wages without worrying that their work will not be there when they return, but Huntsman feels that American mothers are worth it.

“I think our maternity leave in the US is unfortunate,” she says. “Of all the things we try to do to make people's lives better, what is more important than caring for moms that children bring into this world? If there is one question that I would fight in the years ahead, I think that is at the top of my list. ”

Despite her knowledge of politics, Huntsman says that she hopes people know that there is more.

“I hope that people can see me from beyond my politics, too, because we are all people, and how long they watch the show and get to know me and my family. and the things I love, the more they understand that I am much more like them than they think. ”

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