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It’s a private restaurant total system…與 Presidential Candidates Have Problems with Economic Views

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Democratic Party presidential candidate Lee Jae-myung’s remarks about the introduction of the ‘total restaurant license system’ are both frustrating and fearful. He said, “It is like hell for ants to open a restaurant in Hado and then go bankrupt. The nonsensical idea that even the opening of restaurants can be controlled by the state raises the listener’s suspicions. This is a statement that is in direct opposition to the ‘basic free and democratic order’ stipulated by the Constitution.

The explanation, which came out as the wave grew bigger, was also difficult to explain, saying, “It was not implemented right away, but it was necessary to think about it.” It seems to have taken a step back, but the emphasis is on ‘introducible options’ if necessary. As it is a remark from the ‘meeting for small business owners and self-employed people’, it is difficult to see it as a word that was thrown in passing. I am naturally reminded of the scene that caused controversy when he said he admired President Roosevelt of the United States, who recently published an ‘unimaginably powerful communist and socialist policy’.

The remarks he made while referring to the ‘restaurant limit system’ clearly show Lee’s twisted economic outlook. He said, “It is not freedom to open a restaurant and go bankrupt.” It’s a statement that doesn’t understand the market and innovation at all. Creating new value through innovation even in a saturated market is the dynamic and potential of the market. In an environment where businesses operate safely under government permission, competition and innovation that spur development are inevitably eliminated. Silicon Valley in the United States has also succeeded thanks to a culture that is tolerant of failure and allows for re-trying.

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Candidate Lee also said, “Good regulation by a good state is necessary.” To argue that the country is a good thing is to be ridiculed in the political science community. Even the North Korean dictator emphasizes governing for the people. It is a disastrous situation in this government that policies disguised as goodwill, such as a rapid increase in the minimum wage and zero non-regular workers, took jobs from ordinary people and made the number of non-regular workers the highest in history.

It has been repeated over and over again that this candidate has been brought to the fore for his improvised populism. Yesterday, he talked about ‘quick introduction of a four-day workweek’, but when the opposition was strong, he immediately withdrew it saying, “It’s too early”. They are also fighting to move the budgeting authority of the Ministry of Strategy and Finance to the Prime Minister’s Office. Even though it is a major issue that can break the checks and balances surrounding the national budget, it is evident that they are being swayed by emotions such as punishing the Ministry of Finance for opposing indiscriminate disaster support.

Candidate Lee seems to believe that the victorious political forces have unlimited freedom to run state affairs, but is mistaken. There are constitutions and laws to prevent such indulgence of politics. Our Constitution stipulates respect for economic freedom, guarantee of freedom of career choice, and division of the right to set up a budget and the right to deliberation. After poking at the promise of generosity, don’t think about passing it on, just read the Constitution thoroughly and then apologize cleanly.

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