It’s a scary app… Wasn’t it a mistake to follow BTS V and Jennie?

BTS Group V, Blackpink Jennie / Photo = Hankyung DB

BTS V and BLACKPINK Jennie have been dating since last year, and suspicions have been raised that the Instagram following commotion, which was thought to be a mistake, was also caused by him.

This is because a photo which appears to have been taken by V lying on Jennie’s bed has recently been released while photos of the couple have been leaking one after the other.

Previously, a suspected hacker leaked a couple’s t-shirts, video calls, and forehead kisses, but neither the person in question nor the agency made any statement. However, as the level of hacker exposure increases, there is growing concern among fans.

Recently, a picture was released of V with a cat, believed to be Jenny’s mother’s cat, and some of the pictures of Jenny’s bed in the background matched the pillow check pattern.

Since Jennie has released photos of her bedroom several times, fans noticed that her current bed was changed on February 4. It can be assumed that the appearance in the photo was at least before.

In addition, the outfit in the photo that Jenny posted for the new year on January 2 is the same as the one in the photo where she enjoys a date with V, strengthening the previous claim. In other words, V and Jenny’s dating period is the first 8 months, and it seems that they already started dating from last year.

In December last year, V raised suspicions by following Jenny as soon as he opened his personal Instagram account. Apart from the official BTS account and members, Jennie is the only follower, so curiosity poured out about the relationship between the two.

At that time, V unfollowed Jenny immediately and explained, “Instagram recommendation, is there any way to get rid of this? It’s a scary app. ” It was considered a simple mistake. Unfortunately, as the dating photos of the two were inadvertently leaked, the uproar could not be dismissed as a mistake.

Reporter Lee Mina

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