It’s almost like removing the outdoor mask… Indoors soon?

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Four months ago, we also started removing our masks outdoors.

But in places where more than 50 people gather, like baseball fields and concert halls, you still had to wear a mask.

After 3 years, I think I can finally enjoy fall baseball without a mask.

After the quarantine authorities first remove these existing exemptions, we intend to discuss ways to remove masks indoors, starting with children.

Reporter Lee Jun-beom will explain.

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Jamsil Stadium, Seoul, where a professional baseball game was held.

It’s a place where you have to wear a mask even if you’re outdoors, but it’s hard to find a person who doesn’t take off a mask throughout the game.

Because you can eat food in the stadium.

It seems that the mandatory outdoor mask regulation, which has been controversial about its effectiveness, will soon disappear completely.

The quarantine authorities said they intend to remove the exemption requiring the wearing of a mask at outdoor events and gatherings of more than 50 people.

[박혜경/중앙방역대책본부 방역지원단장]

“The risk of infection in the open air is relatively low, so if the remaining obligations are raised, we believe it is a situation that can be considered first.”

The quarantine authorities consider that the time has come to discuss Corona’s ‘exit strategy’ as the re-invasion situation stabilizes.

The removal of the PCR test duty after entry is also included in the review.

[임숙영/중앙방역대책본부 상황총괄단장]

“As (the epidemic) is entering a stable phase, we are preparing additional parts for various quarantine policies accordingly.”

The remaining quarantine measures are indoor mask wearing and mandatory 7-day quarantine of confirmed patients.

Among them, it seems that the method of removing the mask indoors will soon be the subject of further discussion.

An official from the quarantine authorities said, “Most of the advisory members think it is time to start revising the declaration, and it is too late to wait for winter to pass.”

In particular, experts believe that the mask should be removed from babies and young children who have difficulties in emotional, language and social development due to wearing a mask.

[정재훈/가천대 의대 예방의학과 교수]

“Since the vaccination rate (infants and infants) is very low, the proportion of the population that has acquired immunity from infection is expected to be very high.

The quarantine authorities intend to speed up the discussion on easing the quarantine, starting with the publication of the results of the nationwide antibody positivity survey as early as this week.

This is Lee Jun-beom from MBC News.

Video commentary: Jung Woo-young / Video editing: Ahn Jun-hyeok

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