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“It’s an honor to come out with an article alongside Taeyeon” Comedians involved in real estate fraud open their mouths

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Ahn Soo-mi, a comedian who was involved in a 250 billion won planned real estate fraud case, made a direct statement.

On the 28th, Ahn Su-mi posted on her blog, ‘Who is a famous comedian who scammed 250 billion real estate?’ He debuted as a comedian in the 6th KBS open recruitment in 2009. Currently, he is operating the Naver blog ‘Land Investment Hacking School’ and is working as an expert in the soil investment.

Comedian Su-mi Ahn / Blog ‘Land Investment Hacking School’

He said, “I became a star when I woke up. I am so grateful that you called me a famous comedian. Then I will find out the truth of YTN’s ‘250 billion real estate fraud’ report.”

He said, “First of all, in the first news, the fact that it is an area where development is practically impossible because it is a development restricted area is what the reporter says, taking an indicator called ‘biotope’ and saying that development is virtually impossible, but not knowing the real estate. A lot. Especially in the case of the station area, a lot more will be released,” he added.

Then he asked, “What kind of damage did this person have when the idol’s father suffered. What are you trying to say after the land price rises later?”

Afterwards, he scrapped an article that a famous star who suffered from a real estate fraud was Taeyeon and wrote, “It was Tango. Oh, it’s an honor. Tango and I appear in the article side by side.”

Below is Taeyeon's Instagram
Below is Taeyeon’s Instagram

He also rebutted, “I took the lead and approached the wealthy and portrayed it as if I was involved in a 250 billion won scam, but if I did, I’d drive a Lamborghini now.”

Finally, he argued, “It’s very complicated after receiving malicious reports.”

He foretold legal action related to reporting the incident, and warned, “I don’t know how to get so much interest that I didn’t feel even when I was a comedian. Beware of malicious commenters. I’m from a PD who specializes in investigative reporting.”

After uploading the article, he made all blog posts private, including articles related to planning real estate companies that he posted in April.

Earlier, on the same day, YTN reported on a planned real estate fraud company that sold undeveloped land as if it was planned for development. The media said that the company induced a wealthy investment by using a famous KBS comedian as a salesperson, and that Hallyu stars belonging to famous girl groups were also damaged.

Afterwards, the Hallyu star who suffered from real estate fraud was Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon, and the KBS comedian who was involved in the incident was Ahn Soo-mi, which caused a stir.

The police are reported to have booked four representatives of the planning and real estate group affiliates on charges of fraud and violation of the Farmland Act under the Specific Economic Crimes Act.


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