It’s as steep as climbing a mountain! The flat was surprised to see the “strangely asymmetrical stairs” and she was dumbfounded: Am I a goat | International | Sanli News Network SETN.COM

International Center / Reported by Wei Juncheng

▲ Netizens found asymmetrical stairs in the apartment. (Photo / summary from Ez Twitter)

Some houses are designed for aesthetics, but safety is overlooked. A netizen posted on Twitter, saying that he had seen stairs in an apartment. Not only were the left and right sides disproportionate, but the slope was also extremely steep. the job is open, Aroused heated discussions among netizens.

On the 25th of this month, a foreign female netizen posted a photo on Twitter. The flat stairs in the photo showed a confusing appearance. Not only were the stairs on the left and right feet asymmetrical, but they were also different in height. and size. , Even the slope is very steep, which looks very dangerous.

The dumbfounded original PO said in the post, “Am I a goat?” After the post is open, it arouses heated discussions among netizens. Many people leave messages and write, “Thieves dare not run this staircase”, “Just buy a treadmill.” “, “If you want to move furniture upstairs, there’s no way”, “Going home every day is like climbing a mountain.”

In addition, some netizens replied that this kind of asymmetrical staircase is called “Witches staircase” and can be seen in very old houses, because it is said that witches cannot climb such stairs, but some people think that this type of stairs is designed to save space, so that the extra space under the stairs can be used for other items.

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