It’s better if the master covers the equipment, learn about the ‘LaCie’ premium storage device

What storage devices do photographers, videographers and audio professionals use? A good piece of equipment? Performance is also performance, but above all, use highly reliable equipment. Through KOBA 2022, a broadcast equipment exhibition held this summer, we were able to confirm the trend of professional storage devices.

The professional store that stood out at the exhibition was ‘Lacie’. It has been confirmed that portable post-production companies and others are using LaCie storage together when demonstrating their solutions. This is due to the high reliability of LaCie. It’s a premium brand from Seagate, so it’s worth it.

A premium storage device in appearance and function

LaCie is a premium brand of Seagate technology. It presents a repository for content creators and power users. LaCie’s focus is technical performance and long-term reliability. We try to introduce a storage device with good performance that can be trusted and used for a long time.

▲ LaCie Portable Drive
▲ LaCie Portable Drive

This is because there is demand from customers where reliability is the most important thing. Accordingly, LaCie introduces premium storage devices and maintains an in-house innovation and technical support center. Because they pay attention to performance, they have introduced innovative technologies such as Firewire, USB, and Thunderbolt technologies actively over the last 10 years.

Also, what stands out about LaCie is its durability. At the professional level, the value of data and work is very high. However, if photos and works are contained in an external storage device, data may be lost due to shock, so it is not easy to relax. However, LaCie’s desktop solutions are durable, with durable aluminum enclosures, high-quality hard drives and SSDs. This gives existing users a sense of security.

Also, as a premium brand, the design is unusual. In collaboration with famous designers, we present cool-design storage devices. If it’s just for storing files, it doesn’t matter if you use any storage device, but if it’s a premium brand, design and technology should be combined to look good and be highly usable. That’s what Lassi is.

LaCie Aluminum Storage Mobile Drive with Innovative Design

LaCie USB-C Mobile Drive. It is an external hard drive with excellent durability while inheriting the design of the current LaCie product line. It is made of aluminum and has high strength. For information, we also paid attention to protecting the environment. It is made using aluminum and recycled plastic. The packaging is also recycled corrugated cardboard.

The LaCie Mobile Drive is available in 1, 2, 4, and 5TB capacities. Compatible with USB-C type PC, Mac and iPad. Speed ​​is 130MB/s based on a USB-Type C connection. The drive supports one-click automatic backup and can use LaCie Toolkit software for instant and scheduled backups. A 3-year limited warranty and a 3-year Rescue data recovery service are also provided.

▲ You can choose up to 5TB
▲ You can choose up to 5TB
▲ Depending on the model, the support function of the LaCie Support Package software is shared
▲ Depending on the model, the support function of the LaCie Support Package software is shared
▲ Rescue data recovery service is provided
▲ Rescue data recovery service is provided

LaCie Mobile SSD Secure optimized for Apple devices

LaCie Portable SSD Secure. It is an external SSD optimized for Apple devices. It can be used on Mac, iPad (USB-C), and Windows systems and has a maximum read speed of 1,050 MB/s and a write speed of 1,000 MB/s. Using the LaCie Toolkit backup software, you can sync the folder you use on your Mac. It has a stylish design in gray color. True to the name Secure, it supports AES-256 encryption. A rescue data recovery service is also provided.

Portable LaCie SSD High Performance Storage

LaCie Fast Portable SSD. Optimized for high resolution video and image storage. Up to 1,050MB/s reading and 1,000MB/s writing. The maximum capacity is 2TB, which can store 200,000 universal high-resolution photos, 20,000 RAW photos, up to 65 hours of 4K video, and more than 12 128GB SD cards. A rescue data recovery service is also provided.

LaCie Rugged, a rugged external hard drive trusted by professionals

In 2005, LaCie’s rugged external hard drive appeared with four sides protected by a rubber coating. Since then, they have been together for a long time in the areas where creators are active, such as film sets, photo shoots, and music studios. This is because LaCie Rugged is extremely durable. It has a waterproof function to protect data from external factors such as rain, fall and shock. In other words, reliability is very high when storing and transmitting data collected in the field.

It also has an encryption function, which is indispensable for professional storage devices. It comes with AES-256 self-encryption technology to prevent data theft even in the busy field. A rescue data recovery service is also provided.

LaCie Rugged is divided into SSD and HDD mounted products.

SSD – Rugged SSD, Rugged SSD Pro

HDD – Rugged Raid Shuttle, Rugged Raid Pro, Rugged Secure, USB-C Rugged, Mini Rugged

The features of each product are as follows.

LaCie Rugged USB 3.1 SSD Type C – Up to 1,050MB/s NVMe, up to 4TB, IP67 Ingress Protection

LaCie Rugged Pro Thunderbolt 3 SSD – up to 2,800 MB/s NVMe, up to 4 TB, water and dust resistance IP67

LaCie Rugged RAID Shuttle – hardware configurable RAID 0/1, up to 8TB, dust and water resistance IP54

LaCie Rugged RAID PRO USB-C – Hardware Configurable RAID 0/1 and Add SD Card Reader, Up to 4TB, IP54 Water and Dust Resistant

LaCie Rugged SECURE USB-C – Supports Seagate Secure with AES-256 encryption, up to 2TB, tamper-proof

LaCie Rugged USB-C – Small external hard drive, up to 5TB, rainproof

LaCie Rugged Mini – An extremely small, up to 5TB, rainproof external hard drive

Independent external storage for professionals d2 professional

The d2 Professional (LaCie d2 Professional) has been a long time professional storage since 1997. As an enterprise class drive, it is extremely reliable with excellent performance and compatibility. It is housed in a stylish aluminum unibody enclosure. The cooling fan ensures heat treatment, so it can be used for a long time. It has a built-in USB Type-C cable, so it can be connected to an iPad (USB Type-C).

The built-in hard drive is a Seagate Ironwolf Pro. It runs at 7200 RPM and supports workloads of up to 300TB per year. Excellent power management and stability. Capacity can be chosen from 4TB to 20TB. An additional 5 year warranty is also supported. A rescue data recovery service is of course provided.

1big Dock 1big Dock SSD Pro combined with Thunderbolt Dock

Recently, it is fashionable to increase portability by reducing the thickness of high-performance notebooks. In the process of reducing this thickness, side ports usually disappear. The missing side port is replaced by a Thunderbolt port, which can be converted or used by connecting a Thunderbolt dock.

The LaCie 1big Dock is a storage device based on this. The main task is to store and back up videos on an external hard drive, and the Thunderbolt dock function is integrated here. It supports SD card, CF card reader, Thunderbolt port, and DisplayPort 1.4 port. This allows you to store video from your camera or additional daisy chain drives. Using DisplayPort 1.4, the screen can be output to a 4K UHD monitor.

Additionally, PD charging support laptops can also be used. The power pass-through method supplies up to 70W of power, and 1big itself supplies up to 45W of power without using a charger. It can also be connected to an iPad (USB Type-C).

The built-in hard drive is Seagate Ironwolf Pro, which supports workloads of up to 300TB per year at 7200RPM, providing excellent power management and stability. Capacities range from 4TB to 20TB and are backed by a 5-year warranty. A rescue data recovery service is provided.

The 1big Dock uses a single IronWolf Pro HDD, and the 1big SSD Pro Dock uses a FireCuda SSD.

▲ 1big Dock SSD Pro
▲ 1big Dock SSD Pro

In addition, there is also a model called 2big, which is divided into 2big Dock and 2big V2. Dockless products do not have the Thunderbolt dock function, but the storage space is increased. Two Ironwolf Pros are installed. Dock V2 includes a Thunderbolt dock and has two Ironwolf Pros.

▲ 2 large
▲ 2 large
▲ Dock 2big V2
▲ Dock 2big V2

6big/12big high capacity storage devices, enterprise class with stability

It is an ultra-high capacity storage device that contains a large amount of IronWolf Pro. The 6big family can use up to 108TB, and the 12big family can use up to 168TB. The design is long like a tower flat. Looking at the back, it looks like a desktop. Additionally, the 12big achieves speeds of 2400MB/s in a RAID 5 setup.

▲ 6 big
▲ 6 big
▲12 large
▲12 large

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