“It’s better to close the door”… Convenience stores and PC rooms ‘cry out’ due to electricity price hike

The increased electricity rates will apply from today. The owners of convenience stores and PC rooms that use a lot of electricity are crying. Inflation is also rising steeply, and as the minimum wage rises and utility rates rise, lamentations are coming out saying, “It is better to close the store.”

This is reporter Lee Yoo-kyung.

This PC room with 200 computers pays an average of 4 to 5 million won per month in electricity bills.

“There are about 10 (air conditioners). The PC room gets a lot of heat, so you have to turn it on for 24 hours.”

I barely got out of the Corona 19 tunnel, but I am worried as the electricity bill rises in the summer when electricity is used a lot.

Im Soo-taek / PC Room in Yeonhui-dong, Seoul
“Sales have not increased much, and the corona virus has ended, but costs are continuing to rise… This (electric rate) increase is taking a severe blow to decide whether to operate or not.”

Convenience stores, which require 24-hour heating and cooling as well as keeping the temperature of open-type refrigerators below 10 degrees Celsius, consume a lot of electricity.

Mr. A / Convenience store owner
“As the distance restrictions are lifted, sales are slightly rising, but the minimum wage is Wouldn’t the electricity rate increase be a bit of a hindrance to us?”

Following a 5% increase in the minimum wage next year, a further increase in electricity rates is expected in October, increasing the burden on the self-employed.

Some argue that it is necessary to lower the burden by applying a differential rate system for each season for industries that have a high electricity bill burden.

This is TV Chosun Lee Yoo-kyung.

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