Home Sports It’s boiling for sure !! UFC vs ONE Championship Chatri Sityodtong Yan is ready to stop the world.

It’s boiling for sure !! UFC vs ONE Championship Chatri Sityodtong Yan is ready to stop the world.

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Chatri Sityodtong is ready to explode as the UFC prepares to launch a war against the world with ONE Championship soon.

It is extremely difficult for two world-class mixed martial arts organizations to join forces to organize a siege to the end of the world that brings together their respective fighters. In fact, there has been only a handful of such collaborative events in the history of sports in the past. Despite receiving the attention of both fans Hardcore level And any number of regular fans

but Mr. Chatri Sityodtong President and CEO of One Championship Been trying to lobby for this story. And he wants to take his martial arts hero to face the best of the UFC Recently, ONE Championship’s official Twitter account shared Mr Chatree’s words that made fans buzz.

Mr. Chatree said “I’m ready to embrace the best of the competition between ONE vs UFC.”

The tweets that followed after Day of Championship tagged the name of Dana White The president of UFC To express the challenge The tweet wrote: “Who wants it? Trophy @yodchatri @danawhite @ufc #WeAreONE #ONEChampionship #ONEVsUFC “

UFC It is the largest mixed martial arts organization in North America. One Championship Are just as big as in Asia, so both organizations Therefore reflecting each other in many sectors Both in terms of competition and business perspective

Mr. Chatree had said for a long time that A clash between two of the greatest martial arts organizations from both hemispheres is a perfect fit. He believed that the athletes of the day That championship Not only does it put the UFC’s fighters in trouble, they But they can also show superiority and win.

“I want to see the best of the East vs the best of the West as the best.”Mai Chatree responds to media questions through inquiries on Facebook Live in 2020.

“UFC vs. One Championship, I think it will be phenomenal. I think the whole world has to see it. And I want to see the world champion meet with the world champion. So of course I am open to this opportunity. “

It was also incredibly clear that the top martial artists of the One Championship were underestimated. The organization has more than 500 athletes affiliated with. Of the 500 people, there are several world martial arts champions. And packed with great fighters in every weight class

This was seen more prominently in the last month. In the competition of the day The Championship that aired on TNT during America’s prime time.

In this series of four finale matches We get to see the former lightweight king of UFC “The Underground King”. Eddy Alvarez Loses symptoms after being defeated by Fows in a match against ONE Lightweight Ranking athlete. Yuri Lapicus He returned to fight a few weeks later. And lost to Oghreun Unanimous South Korean fighters

12-time former UFC flyweight world champion “Mighty Mouse” Dimitrios Johnson The greatest mixed martial artist of all time lost a knockout for the first time in his career. And had to win his title with the current ONE flyweight world champion Adrianomora S

Even the famous former athletes of the UFC like Arjan Bullar and John Linieker Well, in ONE, the reality is that most of the UFC fighters who have joined ONE since 2018 are not as dreamy as possible. Some have lost all rounds. And on average, almost everyone has lost at least once.

Which includes the defeat of Yushin Ogami and Yoshihiro Akiyama Tow Sage North Cut Knockout Cosmo Alexander Painfully in 2019

The battle decides who? Is the best lightweight fighter in the world during Christian Lee with Charles Olivia Clash between the top flyweight fighters Adrianomora S and Deaphon Figuero? Strawweight Queen Song Jing Nan Meet the new champion, Rose Na Majunas? And another imaginable punching match

But for sure, the match between UFC and ONE will be something that will be fascinating to explore.


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