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It’s bright and suddenly it’s raining… What’s going on in our sky?

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Heavy rain showers continue every day. It’s sunny and then it’s suddenly pouring rain. As usual, the rainy season should have started, but it’s not yet.

Let’s take a look at the causes of showers and when the rainy season starts with meteorological reporter Kim Se-hyeon. Reporter Kim Se-hyun, it rains a lot these days, but the rainy season is still there, right?


The rain that has come and gone for several days is showers.

The flow of the upper layers around Korea was not smooth, so cold air continued to come down toward Korea, and the surface of the earth rose by nearly 30 degrees during the day due to the sunlight.

The temperature difference between the upper and lower floors is large, which makes the atmosphere unstable, and when wind gathers or water vapor is supplied, shower clouds are formed and sudden showers occur.


So where is the rainy season now?


It is located in the southern part of China, 400km south of Kyushu, Japan, past Okinawa, Japan.

Because of the cold air in the upper floors, the rainy season front is not coming up compared to previous years.


So when does the rainy season start?


Jeju Island is expected to rain from the evening of the 2nd, the day after Friday, the second day.

Rainy rain that falls from the day after day is caused by low pressure pulling up the rainy season front.

So, depending on the location of the low pressure, the areas where it rains can vary greatly.

Analyzing the data so far, it seems likely that the rainy season will begin in the central and southern regions with rain on the 3rd.


Last year there was a lot of heavy rain during the rainy season. How about this year?


It is expected to rain quite a bit this weekend as well.

There is still cold air around Korea, but rain clouds are expected to develop strongly as the low pressure passes and collides with warm and humid air.

In addition, even after the low pressure has passed, it is expected that rain will continue until Monday in Jeju and southern regions due to the influence of the rainy season front.

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