It’s coming on strong! Dui Pharan Lottery, quick look, lucky number for this draw, 16/10/65, hurry to buy before the pack runs out

Lucky number, Dui Pharan, round of 16/10/65 arrived. Hurry up and see the lottery Be lucky. This draw is on 16 October 2022.

It’s almost October 16, 2022, and that’s where lottery fans have been waiting. government lottery announcement Daily draw on October 16, 2022 with this draw, the lottery will be released on Sunday.

latest Black Pharan or Dui Pharan lottery Another hot lucky number office. Released the lucky number for this period 16 / 10 / 65. After the last installment, the guidelines will be slightly missed.

In which Dui Pharan has posted a Facebook account named Dui Pharan stating that “Good evening, government lottery guidelines, use discretion in making investment decisions, let’s wait and see if it closes again? Your money doesn’t like to pass.”

Dui Pharan showed the paper that wrote the lucky numbers for this period 16/10/65 for lottery fans to see as follows.

  • Lucky number 915 = 15
  • Lucky number 935 = 35
  • Lucky number 985
  • Lucky number 85
  • Lucky number 95