It’s expensive like this. People can’t take it. Turning to refuel the wild, spilling into Thailand.

Oil spurts like this, people can’t take it, turn to smugglers. hairs spilled into Thailand crowded The latter is hugely cheaper. some drive into Malaysia which the price is very different

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On May 28, 2022, news reports said that in Sadao district, Songkhla province, after oil prices rose for the eighth time in a month by adjusting the retail price of gasoline and gasohol of all kinds by 40. satang per liter effective this morning It turns out that illegal oil is smuggled into the sale of motorcycles and a large number of cars.

However, after the villagers encountered the problem of high oil prices. Therefore, illegal oil was added to the service bustlingly. Currently, illegal oil from neighboring countries is sold at 35 baht per liter for gasoline.

Read the news for the 8th time in a month! The Benzene oil rises again Hurry up to fill up quickly!

As for diesel fuel, it is sold at 29 baht per liter, compared to the price of Thailand, which is fixed at 31.94 baht per liter. by oil in Malaysia Gasoline is sold at 17-18 baht per liter, while diesel is sold at the same price. causing many people to take their cars to fill up at a Malaysian gas station a lot

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