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Source: Beijing Business Daily

On September 22, a reporter from the Beijing Business Daily learned that Huawei has begun to increase the production of Mate 50 series mobile phones in a hurry due to the excessive sales on the first day. On September 21, the Huawei Mate 50 series was officially launched, and three new models, Mate 50, Mate 50 Pro, and Mate 50 RS were launched at the same time.

Huawei’s first batch of Mate 50 series is said to have a total of about 4 million units in stock. Currently, these stocks are “divided” by self-operated stores and online centers, operators, platforms large e-commerce, and corporate customers. The black version is more stocked, the Kunlun glass version, the Porsche version, and the “Streamer Purple” version are limited in stock, and the market is out of stock.

  Hard to find

On the evening of September 22, a reporter from Beijing Business Daily asked customer service staff on, Taobao and other platforms and found that some customer service personnel said that the Mate 50 can be photographed today and shipped tomorrow; while the Mate 50 RS is out of stock, whether it’s Taobao, Huawei’s official flagship store, or Suning Tesco’s official flagship store.

In the context of a machine that is difficult to find, scalers have also begun to take advantage of the loopholes. #HUAWEIMate 50 series scalers have the highest price increase of 8000 # also on the Weibo hot search list, attracting widespread attention from netizens. Some scalpers can increase the price of Mate 50 RS Porsche at the highest, 8000 yuan.

Unexpectedly, many users on the Internet said that the Huawei Mate 50 without 5G was “lame” and said that they did not want to buy it, and the current sales situation seems to be contrary to the online comments.

The same situation happened to Apple as well, Many users complained about the “squeezing toothpaste” of the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro series, but they were also hooked after the sale. The iPhone 14 series and the iPhone 14 Pro series were released at the same time. At around 8:10 pm on the day of release, all versions of the iPhone 14 Pro Max were sold at Apple’s flagship store on around 8:22 pm, the iPhone 14 Pro Max was sold out. All versions of the Pro are sold out at Apple’s JD flagship store, with only the iPhone 14 still in stock.

  “Three dimensional” innovation.

In the industry insider’s view, the hot sales of Huawei and Apple’s new models do not match the previous analysis of the industry, and it also reflects that today’s market opinion is “not betting” on consumer demand.

For example, the actual demand for 5G performance, which is favored by the market, is not significant. Liang Zhenpeng, a senior industrial economic observer, said that 5G sanctioned and lost by Huawei has been well known to users, and the lack of 5G communication the function of the Mate 50 series will be true to some extent. Affecting the perception of the market, although the additional mobile phone case can be used as a 5G “plug-in”, there is still a big gap in feeling of ‘to compare to the bare metal, which is why many users were not optimistic about the Mate 50 before.

Experts said that despite this, the Mate 50 was still broken up and out of stock at the beginning of the sale, which could be attributed to the following two aspects. First of all, when many brands release new products, there are always some groups of people who want to start immediately, such as tech bloggers, KOLs, etc. Due to the occurrence of such needs in a short period of time, even if the enterprise supply chain is mature, it is difficult to meet, and there are many such cases. Focusing on well-known brands, it is normal for Huawei to attract a group of trend-chasers in the initial stage with its strong brand influence. the existence of 5G is not important to this group.

Secondly, after many years of promoting 5G, users see that the changes it brings are much smaller than 4G. Liang Zhenpeng said that all kinds of long and short video apps and platforms are now sprouting in the east of 4G, although 5G has improved network speed, it is obvious Compared with 4G, it has directly changed people’s lifestyle.

Liang Zhenpeng said that behind this is reflected by the disintegration of the stunning views of the market and the real needs of users. From curved screens to folding screens, from 12nm chips to 4nm chips today, there are many changes during the period this has been mentioned as “disruptive innovation”. , is an important goal in the mobile phone industry, but in fact many ordinary users are not enthusiastic about these aspects, and the life of the product itself and income level determine the replacement cycle.

Industry observer Xu Yiqiang believes that, from the perspective of Huawei and Apple’s recent new products, mature companies have ignored the market noise, but based on market opinion, they have added more practical and user-friendly features to their products, such as ” Kunlun “Huawei”. “Screen”, which increases the drop resistance of the Huawei Mate 50 series to 10 times, aiming at the market pain point of fragile mobile phone screens and high maintenance costs. This kind of thinking is reflected in Apple iPhone 14’s emphasis on users’ personal health and safety, such as the newly added car accident alarm function and the increasingly perfect health monitoring module.

Xu Yiqiang said that in today’s market environment, companies need to look at innovation in a more three-dimensional way, and the research and development and production model of “market-based companies that answer questions” is no longer relevant . Enterprises need to explore consumer needs in a more comprehensive and three-dimensional manner.

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