It’s like a leg toothpick… Robert Harley battles rare cancer after drug scandal

Robert Halley Suspension After Drug Abuse
Fighting the disease from 2 years ago
“Peripheral nerve sheath tumor, rare cancer”

Robert Harley / Photo = MBN ‘The World of Scoop’

Broadcaster Robert Halley, who caused a social scandal due to the use of methamphetamine, revealed that he was battling a rare cancer.

On the 19th, MBN’s ‘Special World’ revealed the recent status of Robert Halley, who was loved as a first-generation foreign broadcaster.

Robert Halley was arrested in 2019 on drug charges and sentenced to one year in prison and two years of probation.

Regarding the drug use case, he regretted, “I came to Korea and was loved, but because I did something very bad, my life collapsed in one day. I felt sorry for everyone.”

He confessed that he started fighting the disease two years ago, after spending a day in self-discipline. He explained, “My body was swollen. My stomach doubled and my legs doubled. It’s one of the rarest cancers in the world.”

He continued, “”I had an inflammation in my leg that did not subside, but later I found out that a malignant tumor was attached to the nerve. It is a nerve cancer called peripheral nerve sheath tumor (MPNST). It is a rare cancer that does not even exist in 0.1% of society,” he added.

Robert Harley / Photo = MBN 'The World of Scoop'

Robert Harley / Photo = MBN ‘The World of Scoop’

The pain continued even after surgery. For his recovery, his second son, Jae-wook Ha, even claimed to be a dedicated trainer.

Ha said, “When my father was discharged from the hospital, his body had no muscles at all. In the photos he took, his legs looked like toothpicks. He couldn’t walk because he didn’t have muscles.” Then he confessed, “I was sad in my heart. I felt bad when I saw my strong father suddenly look humble and lonely.”

Hyeon-suk Myung, the wife of Robert Halley, was running a foreign school on behalf of her husband. About the time, he said, “It felt like the world was falling apart. Why would you make such a mistake? There was a sense of betrayal. I didn’t even want to talk about it for the first time. said.

Robert Halley’s best friend Sayuri also appeared on the show. The two shared that they had gone to a Robert Halley drug-related recovery group together.

Robert Harley / Photo = MBN 'The World of Scoop'

Robert Harley / Photo = MBN ‘The World of Scoop’

Sayuri said, “I went to see if there was anyone who could mislead Harley,” he said. She continued, “I call every day. I will contact you more than my wife. If I don’t answer the phone, I do it until I answer it. It may be rude to say this, but I feel like a troubled son.”

Robert Halley said, “After that incident, I have completely lost contact with some of my friends, but I have several friends who have not. I am really grateful. One of the most important people is Sayuri. She comforts me and says good things to me. Call me every day until the end. I support you. One of the people who protects me,” he said, tearing up.

Finally, he reflected, “I think it’s important to live a good life” and “I’m telling myself that I should live a good life rather than success.”

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