“It’s more problematic if it becomes known” “Do you know who it is?” Words from the discussion on ‘insulting home shopping’

Some members of the Korean Communications Standards Commission reviewed a home shopping broadcast that indirectly mentioned the late comedian in a cosmetics sales broadcast, and made comments such as “It’s impossible to guess who he is based on that comment alone” and “If’ r level If sanctions are raised, it can become a secondary offence” apparently spoke. Attention is drawn to the fact that the members of the consultative body made comments which undermined the seriousness of the matter while the broadcast in question was criticized for ‘crossing the line’ and even the host of the broadcast had apologised.

According to the Kyunghyang Shinmun’s comment on the 27th, the Security Guard’s Advertising Discussion Subcommittee discussed the comments of home shopping show host Yun Nan-hee at a regular meeting on the 14th. Yoo sold cosmetics at CJ OnStyle on the 4th of last month and said, “Female comedian. I will tell you so far. You had a lot of trouble because your skin was bad. If I had known this, I think.” Although his real name was not mentioned, his comments were interpreted as referring to the comedian A, who left the world in 2020. A complaint was received stating that the comment was inappropriate, and the National Guard launched an investigation.

In the advertising discussion sub-committee, 3 out of 5 members gave their opinion on ‘statement of opinion’ and 2 of them gave an opinion of ‘recommendation’, and a ‘statement of opinion’ was decided. The purpose of the statement of opinion is to give the CPA an opportunity to explain before imposing sanctions, and the home shopping company must attend the next meeting and answer questions from committee members.

The problem is the comments of some members that came out of this process. Commissioner B said, “No matter how much I listened to the comedian (who the show host was talking about), I couldn’t recognize him.” Then, he said, “There was no word that he had made an extreme choice,” and gave the opinion “no problem” about the comments of the host of the show.

There was also a member of the committee who presented the ‘logic’ that the level of punishment should be reduced because strong sanctions will attract public attention. Commissioner C argued in favor of a recommendation, saying, “If an article comes out with the content that a court sanction has been made on this matter, reporters will be interested, and those things will become a problem instead. “

In response, Kim Yu-jin, the only female member of the discussion committee who belongs to the advertising discussion sub-committee, said, “There was a very high possibility that a few viewers could not think of it just by mentioning the amount this.” He even gave me the vibe he could.” In the end, Jeong Yeon-ju, chairman of the watchdog, said, “I couldn’t figure it out. I will admit there is a problem with sensitivity.”

Kim Dong-chan, chairman of the Civic Unity for Media Reform, pointed out, “It is very problematic behavior for members who have to deliberately make legal judgments based on their own arbitrary standards.” He continued, “If you reduce the reduction, you must at least listen to the basis for the clause that the reason for the reduction occurred.”

Chairman Chung and members A and B did not respond to the comment given to Kyunghyang Shinmun.

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