“… It’s not Airi (laughs)” Nagatomo miscalls 17-year-old Henri | Gexaka

The Japanese national team, which is made up of domestic teams, is holding a training camp in Chiba prefecture.

As training partners, GK Kitagawa Sora (3rd year of Distribution Economy University = Mie High School), DF Chase Henri (3rd year of Shoshi High School), and FW Keisuke Sato (2nd year of Meiji University = Jissen Gakuen High School) will accompany the training camp. DF Nagatomo Yutomo shows a positive entanglement with Henri, who is the only high school student, but he seems to have made an unexpected mistake. It is introduced on the official Twitter account of “TV Asahi Soccer” (@tvasahi_soccer).

Nagatomo who tried to receive Henri’s pass requested a pass saying “Henri, hey!”. When the ball was delivered to Nagatomo’s feet, he said, “Yes, Airi!” For some reason, the name of his wife, Airi Taira. Then Nagatomo smiled with a bitter smile, “… it’s not Airi (laughs),” and rephrased “Henri, I like it!”.

The next day, in a birdcage, he said, “Go, Henri!”, And it seems that 35-year-old Nagatomo is pulling 17-year-old Henri into the circle of the team.

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