It’s not beautiful to dress up! Charcoal girl opens her heart to turn life over night, wins 18 million lottery tickets, wants to be the same person

Still “the same Wanna” open your mind, Wanna burn the charcoal, turn your life around, win the lottery for 18 million, this draw 077258 reveals that the past life was very difficult will ask to be the original Husband woke up early in the morning to find wood to burn charcoal for sale as usual. Life changes, just don’t stress. Where will you find money to buy food?

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On December 3, 2021, at the residence, Kok Tum Subdistrict, Mueang District, Lop Buri Province, reporters traveled to follow the new life, Miss Wanna Wangpol, 52 years old, burning charcoal for sale. After life turned overnight, won the lottery, the 1st prize, number 077258, draws on December 1, 2021, up to 3 tickets, received a large prize money of 18 million baht.

The house conditions today are calm. There were only sons and daughters to watch over the house, ready to bake. Mother went to Khok Tum market to buy food to cook at home. Soon after, Miss Wanna then arrived with a big bag of noodles The reporter asked, “Is it the same Wanna?”, the answer was with a happy laugh, “The same Wanna”.

Rich 18 million

The reporter fired the first question over. Have you received the money yet? I got the answer, why would I accept it and deposit it in the bank? Time to use it to withdraw. Don’t have to carry it with you to be at risk. because the house is far from the city and still live in the military area thought to find a way to expand, thinking that it would be closer to the city near the market as well The reporter asked, I thought that today I would see Wanna dress up beautifully, wear brightly colored clothes, make up, apply nails, and wear gold like any other rich man. The answer is will ask to be the original It’s not beautiful because the shape is not beautiful. This is more suitable


Then Wanna revealed that Everyone in the family had a hard time. My son graduated from high school only 3, I only graduated from grade 6, I have been employed my whole life. There was only hardship and persecution, all kinds of things, going into the forest to sell bamboo shoots to raise our children, which the children knew well, and the new husband did not care about our money. Still looking for firewood to burn charcoal as before. He would go and look at a pickup truck for his children. to buy groceries will not have to hire anyone else The proceeds were shared among all relatives. Friends who have been through hard times together are never forgotten.


“Going to the market to find a lottery seller who gave them luck. It is expected that the award will be given as a kindness. And will probably buy more lottery tickets. But it will be less because it is considered the biggest merit this time. Born until the age of 52 years, this is the happiest I’ve ever had in my whole life. but will ask to act on the ground as before eat as usual If you’re rich, it’s not like you’ll be able to fly anywhere in the sky.” Wanna spoke with a happy laughter. before asking to prepare food to welcome her husband who have not returned from the burning of charcoal


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