“It’s not my fault” PD Lee Young-don admits the shocking truth about the death of the late Kim Young-ae and the case of King Castella

JTBC, KBS ‘Wolgyesu Tailor Shop Gentleman’

Producer Lee Young-don, who directed ‘Consumer Accusation’ and ‘I Want to Know’, becomes a hot topic by revealing the shocking reason why he had to quit the food business although he tried to start a food business. As a result, attention is focused on the eerie truth of the ocher package case of the late Kim Young-ae and the case of Great King Castella.

PD Lee Yeong-don appeared on the web entertainment ‘Taiwan Gods of the Era’, which was released on January 25, 2023, and admitted the background of the recent end of business.

‘Grasshopper Entertainment’ YouTube Channel

Lee Young-don said, “It doesn’t matter what happens in life or what doesn’t work. No matter how hard I try, it doesn’t work in the end. At age 59, I was wondering why this would happen. In the middle of my content business, I started a food business named after myself, but it has been difficult and unfortunate since a few years ago.“he said.

He said he had to give up the business as the investment was cut off due to the controversy surrounding it. I saw a financial hit. I saw the most hits here,” Toro saidI did it. There was also an opportunity to enter politics, but even this was canceled due to rumors in the past.It is said to be done.

‘Grasshopper Entertainment’ YouTube Channel

Lee Young-don said, “There is someone who likes me and guides me. I brought my rumors around him and said, ‘If you bring this man like this, you will lose money’, but this worked again.” Actually, at the time of Hong Joon-pyo in September 2021 I was recruited as the head of the General Media Headquarters in the People’s Power presidential candidate camp, but I came out of the camp in 3 hours because of strong opposition.

“I reflect on giving excuses to those who criticized me and that there was something wrong with my actions in the past. But I can’t continue to live like this,” he said. “To be honest, I didn’t do anything wrong. But the reason people think so is, paradoxically, that I’m wrong“he said.

What was Lee Young-don’s fault?

'Grasshopper Entertainment' YouTube Channel
‘Grasshopper Entertainment’ YouTube Channel

He also talked about the controversy that arose from a program he directed in the past. Firstly A case where the late actress Kim Young-ae reported on the safety of red clay packets soldAs for “I didn’t identify Kim Young-ae’s product, but I collected and inspected all the products on the market.“As a result, heavy metals were found,” he explained.

He said, “That wasn’t the problem. 10 years after the broadcast, Kim Young-ae died of pancreatic cancer. I duly apologized for this part, but as a broadcaster, I didn’t even know what to apologize for. Because I apologize, the criticism is more seriouslost,” he said.

MBC 'People are good'
MBC ‘People are good’

In fact, producer Lee Young-don reported on the current affairs program ‘Consumer Accusation’ in October 2007 that heavy metals were found in Chamtowon products founded by Kim Young-ae. Since then, Chamtowon has been driven to the brink of bankruptcy as all sales channels have been blocked. Contrary to reports, the heavy metal found to be magnetite was contained in loess, and it was confirmed that it was not harmful to health, but it was already after time had passed.

In this process, Kim Young-ae severe depressionIn 2008, after 6 years of marriage with her husband, she faced a breakup. Chamtowon also closed its factory in the same year and immediately laid off around 100 workers.I did it. Kim Young-ae was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2012 and continued to fight the disease before passing away in 2017 at the age of 66.

Lee Young-don’s explanation of the ruin of ‘The Great King Castella’

In addition, PD Lee Young-don is famous for ‘The Great Castella’. The problem arose when Lee Yeong-don broadcast the negative side of ‘The Great King Castella’ in ‘Food X-Files’, which he was responsible for.

Channel A 'Food X-Files'
Channel A ‘Food X-Files’

‘Food X-Files’, broadcast on Channel A for 5 years between 2012 and 2017, is a program that tells the hidden truth about food and the other side that consumers were unaware of. It is a broadcast designed to criticize the culture involved in the production, distribution and consumption of food, and to look for alternatives, rather than simply indicting it.

at that time In ‘Food X-Files’, it was a problem that large amounts of cooking oil and chemical additives were added to the castella. Criticize that the eggs are old and that emulsifiers are used.

However, experts pointed out that there is nothing wrong with cooking oil and chemical additives. However, it was already leaking water, and because of this, Castella, rejected by consumers, was ruined. At this moment The self-employed who operated the Daewang Castella store were also semi-forced to close.

Castella, who had no problems, broadcast as if there was a problem, ruining many self-employed people. Lee Young-don also received a lot of criticismreceived

Channel A 'Food X-Files'
Channel A ‘Food X-Files’

However, the fact that King Castella was not broadcast by PD Lee Yeong-don is notin. PD Lee Young-don’s image from the food report program remains so strong that people think so.

In fact, the date that Great King Castella’s episode of ‘Food X-Files’ aired was March 2017.was and that The host at the time was “Reporter Kim Jin”Then, you can think that the broadcast was made by the reporter Kim Jin and not the actual planning by PD Lee Yeong-don. PD Lee Young-don said that he had already quit Channel A on July 31, 2014.

For this reason, Lee Young-don expressed regret that he was being criticized.

Netizens who saw the news said, “Taiwan Castella disappeared in an instant”, “It also belonged to Kim Young-ae”, “Not the person who ruined Taiwan Castella”, “Actually there was nothing wrong” , “I felt sorry for her and she left”. , “From a new fact”, “As expected, let’s find out and judge”, “It was the same as the signature Food X-Files”, etc.

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