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It’s not rumored! Udorn shock found 4 Indian strains of COVID, doctors clarify 58-year-old man dies after vaccination

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It’s not rumored! Udon, shocked, found four Indian strains of COVID, who came from a worker’s camp in Bangkok, doctors clarified a 58-year-old man after vaccination.

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On May 31, ’64, Mr. Siam Sirimongkol, Governor of Udon Thani Province, Mr. Uthainha Kaew, Deputy Chief of Public Health of Udon Thani Province. In a press release on the situation of the epidemic of COVID-19 in Udon Thani province, Mr Siam revealed that statistics of those infected since Friday had seven cases, two cases of Saturday and Sunday were infected. 2 cases and a lot of matters to be followed up Such as the subject of vaccination and death And about finding people infected with COVID-19 4 Indian species in the area of ​​Udon Thani, in addition, there was one death, totaling 4 cases.

Dr. Uthen revealed that until today (31 May) the cumulative total number of cases of the virus has accumulated 488 cases, 418 cured cases, 66 cases of cure, and 4 deaths. 19 Local indian species In Udon Thani Province, 4 of them are workers traveling from the camp. The main workers are 409, female, 24 years old, working in Pathumwan District, Bangkok. Years of employment in Laksi, stay in Ban Dung District, person 412, female, 13 years old, live in Kudchap district, and 449, male, 53 years old, work in construction work in Lak Si camps. The result appears to be COVID-19. Indian species

All 4 cases are now spreading treatment at Nonsa-at Hospital, Kudchap Hospital, Ban Dung Hospital, and Kumphawapi Hospital. Now, Udon Thani Province has multiple clusters such as Thai Massage Cluster. Retirement feast of the savings cooperative at Kudchap district, shipping work Land Office Cluster And there were outbreaks in many districts including Kudchap District, Non Sa-at District, Ban Dung District and Kumphawapi District, etc. Because there are still people traveling from the risky areas We have to watch closely. Especially the Indian species found in Udon Thani province.

Dr. Sumon Tang Soonthornwiwat, Deputy Director of Udon Thani Hospital, revealed that from the case of a 58-year-old man who died after getting a Sinovac vaccine. I would like to clarify that This deceased person is sick and has an underlying disease. Was vaccinated on 22 May 64, later on 29 May 64, had angina pain. Therefore hurried to go to Wattana Hospital by examining the preliminary EKG, normal results Doctor to go home But still has symptoms of angina all the time

At night, symptoms worsened. On May 30, 64, sent to Udon Thani Hospital, caused sudden cardiac arrest. The cause of death was Acute myocardial infarction Not related to Sinovac vaccine, heavy smoking risk factors with wives and children not attracted to rejection Auopsy is well understood as acute heart disease.

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