It’s only because I misunderstood this word that the composition of primary school students is wandering “5 points left for the full score” | International | QUANTITY

Students composition is wandering, only 5 points out of 30 points. (Photo / Star Video Summary)

Everyone has written a composition when they were studying, the most important thing is not to deviate, or no matter how good the writing is, they will not get marks. A primary school student in Nanyang City, Henan Province, China recently wrote a composition with full marks, but because he misunderstood the subject, he could only get 5 points in the end. The teacher felt it was a shame.

According to the “Star Video” report, the title of the composition is “Regret”, but the students see it as “Mei”. Not bad, I wrote more than 500 characters eloquently, but all the big digression is about describing “plums”.

The total score for the composition is 30 points, and 25 points are deducted because the composition is incorrect, so I can only get 5 points. The teacher said that the test papers have not been sent back yet, and I don’t know how the children will feel when they see it.

Students consider grief as a plum. (Photo / Star Video Summary)

As soon as the news came out, it sparked a lot of discussion. Netizens left messages one after the other, “I regret the difference of one word”, “I hope I can teach my children a lesson this time: if hard direction work is wrong, there will be no how much hard work helps”, “The number of words is enough. There are many, and the writing is serious”, “It is very good, I will be better in the future after I learn the lesson “,” I feel the child will fully understand what “regret” is after this incident.”

Although the students did not express “regret” in the constitution, everyone felt “regret” after reading it, and the feeling was very deep. Is it to express what is upset with actions? Philosophers, this is it.”


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