It’s over terribly, I can’t take my eyes off it; BBC columnist vs Arsenal star


It’s over terribly, I can’t take my eyes off it; BBC columnist vs Arsenal star

Arsenal are happy to beat Brentford 3-0 in the Premier League match. Despite not scoring goals, midfielder Granit Haka was admired by the fans for his assists and excellent play.

It was the Haka that drew applause from the Gunners crowd. The Swiss star was also featured in the BBC’s Team of the Week column by renowned football columnist Garth Crooks.

But Garth’s words about the haka are now being discussed. Crooks says he doesn’t really like the haka.

‘I don’t really like the granite haka. She is a little hot and will act terribly over the top. Very aggressive. So overall it’s a nuisance. If that’s the case, he’ll play well if it’s his day.

He should have left Arsenal earlier. But not only did he not go from there, sometimes he even became a captain. That’s one of its popularity,’ said Crooks.

Meanwhile, Crooks has no objection to the fact that the Gunners’ star player produced an impressive performance in the match against Brentford.

“Against Brentford, Haka and Arsenal played a great game. I want to know why Brentford didn’t make any preparations for this game. No, they couldn’t have kept up with Arsenal even if they had played better. It was such a great game,’ said Crooks.

Supporters have come out for and against Crooks’ comments. Some say the lack of form in the Haka and other problems in recent years are behind Crooks’ comments.

But other opinions say that Haka’s performance this year has been excellent and therefore he cannot be blamed again.

William Saliba, Gabriel Jesus and Fabio Vieira scored for Arsenal against Brentford, but Haka’s assist got most of the attention.

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