‘It’s Seojin’ Lee Seojin, overindulgence in business… BTS V “Isn’t this entertainment?”

[이데일리 스타in 김현식 기자] ‘Seo Jin’ fell into the swamp of spells this time.

In the 5th episode of tvN’s entertainment program ‘Seojin’ (directed by Na Young-seok, Jang Eun-jeong), broadcast on the 24th, the story of President Lee Seo-jin and his employees (Jung Yu-mi, Park Seo- joon, Choi Woo-shik, BTS V), who celebrated the 5th business day.

The previous fourth business day ended with poor sales. The staff returned to the dorm with leftovers, and Park Seo-joon challenged the new ‘Chi-bap’ menu, recalling the customers who were looking for rice with flavored chicken. The rest of the workers sampled ‘Seasoned Chibap’ and ‘Soy Sauce Chibap’ and then chose ‘Soy Sauce Chibap’ as Seojinine’s ‘Chibab’.

Among them, Lee Seo-jin revealed the ambition of total sales of 100,000 pesos. In addition, he showed sincerity in business by strongly rejecting a number of offers such as ‘Happy Hour’, which sets discounts at certain times, and ‘Yfed Di-Ddi’, which provides free drinks. V then replied by saying, “I’m sorry, but isn’t this entertainment?” Park Seo-joon said, “Hyung, you’re definitely too involved,” and Choi Woo-sik added, “I think the older brother I used to know will disappear if I doing three more days of business,” causing laughter.

On the fifth business day, as expected by Jung Yoo-mi, many customers came and the order flowed, making the counter and kitchen extremely busy. Lee Seo-jin was nervous because there were no customers, but as the number of customers increased one by one, his expression began to relax. Jung Yu-mi, who was in charge of gimbap in the front kitchen, joined as a kitchen assistant in the back kitchen and showed a sense of helping Park Seo-joon, who was busy.

In the evening, reservation guests who came after hearing rumors and a group of 6 guests, the largest number ever, came in and they were full. In addition, customers were waiting and orders were endless, so the counter as well as the kitchen could not hide their embarrassment. Indeed, the curiosity centers on how the ‘Seojin’ workers managed to overcome this difficulty.

‘Seojin’s’ airs every Friday at 8:50pm.