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It’s started! 500 baht donation to help “Chula” develop vaccines

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Today (18 Dec) is the first day to open a 500 baht donation to help Chula develop the COVID-19 vaccine. By donating online Will start from 9:00 a.m. onwards

On December 18, 2020, the reporter reported the case Chulalongkorn University Through the operation of CUUn Territory, it has supported startups such as Baiyah Phyto Farm Co., Ltd. by jointly driving the development of a vaccine against COVID-19. From the leaves of the plant has been achieved in the laboratory

Animal vaccine trials have now been started and they are quite effective. And has few side effects Expected to start human trials around June 2021 if successful, it will be ready to be used immediately around the end of 2021, which Thai people will receive free vaccines. But will start in the risk groups such as medical personnel Border officer If there is enough vaccine It may be sold abroad. To increase income for the country further

To support research and development of the COVID-19 vaccine, Chulalongkorn allows the general public to participate in a donation of 500 baht per person for 1 million people by using this money to develop a vaccine factory. In order to have enough production capacity 1-5 million doses per month

By making a donation on the website www.CUEnterprise.co.th It will start today (December 18) at 9:00 am onwards while donors will be able to register for donors’ privileges on December 25.

The vaccine program for Thai people Also stated that he would like to repay the donors as follows

  • Discount on personal insurance premiums such as auto health, fire, etc. for new policies from insurance companies That participate in projects such as Viriya Insurance Public Company Limited, Dhipaya Insurance Public Company Limited, with a discount of 12% – 23%
  • In the event that the vaccine is successfully produced and ready to be made available to the general public Donors will have the right to subscribe to the vaccine before the general public. But will be entitled “after” the distribution or use of the vaccine to any other person in accordance with the law or government regulations (if applicable).

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